Thursday 4 January 2018

2018 Will Be My Year

2018 is officially here! I am currently in Ireland and I have been here for almost two weeks now. I'll be heading back to Sicily in a number of days so I'm trying to treasure every moment I have with my family and friends.

Last year I made a bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish, I only managed to accomplish several things on my list, so this year I am aiming to tick a few more off. You can check them out here. My main goal is to try travel more, last year being my final year of Uni, lead me to not travel as much as I wanted, yes I know I went to Russia, but me being me, I wanted to see so many more places!

2017 was definitely a year a lot of people disliked, there was a lot of negative energy surrounding it, and I too had some obstacles to face and unexpected bumps in the road, however saying that I managed to bag a job in Italy and I graduated from University along with other great opportunities, so I can't say it was all negative. But having experienced 2017, it has made me realise what I want in 2018. 2018 will be my year.

I promise to look to the positive side to situations this year, which I know will bring along more positivity. I want to bring CiaraSwalsh to a whole new level, producing more content here on the blog and also on YouTube. As I said earlier, I want to travel more, whether it be exploring more of Sicily, more of mainland Italy, or other European countries.

In 2018, I will grow my YouTube, we all know, video is taking over blogposts, so for me to produce more content, I need to continue with my YouTube, I've a few videos on there if you want to check them out (here).

In my almost three years of blogging I've only made €40 off of it, madness right? This year I'm going to try monetise my blog. I produce 99% free content, with a few gifted pieces along the way, and at that not even a lot. So as I see a future for CiaraSwalsh, I'll need to monetise it to allow it to grow. Saying this, I know a lot of people have problems when they see #ad or #spon plastered across their feeds, well, me being me, I would never take a sponsored post, unless it coincided with the theme of CiaraSwalsh. Behind the scenes here, I've turned down many an opportunity as it didn't go with the theme of my blog, also paid opportunities! I believe in producing the best content for you guys, whilst always staying true to myself. Saying this, bagging sponsored campaigns isn't all that easy, its constant emailing back and forth, maintaining great content and great engagement, so if I do get a sponsored post I will be the happiest girl in Ireland knowing I am good enough and knowing the work I've put in has paid off.

So in sum, 2018 will be my year and you can expect a tonne more content coming your way! I hope you grasp 2018 by the reigns and make it your year too!

Wearing: Penneys Jumper, Bag and Sock Boots and River Island Skirt

Photos taken in Nox Hotel Galway


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