Thursday 25 January 2018

12 Hours in Taormina, Sicily.

Taormina, Sicily has definitely been on my bucket list for a long time now and now as I live in Sicily I got the opportunity to go and see this stunning spot. Taormina is about a 45 minute train journey from Catania. When you arrive at the Taormina train station you must get a bus to go up to the top (because Taormina is up very high). The train and bus (both return tickets) will cost you less than €10 in total.

The Views

Taormina is known for it's incredible and vast views. If you go on a good day you'll be sure to get a great look at the majestic Etna as it billows smoke over the stunning beaches below. 
If you go to the Ancient Theatre which is smack bang in the centre and impossible to miss, you can find these views. Definitely an amazing photo op if you enjoy photography or just want a cute picture of yourself there.


Granita is something typically Sicilian and in Taormina you have to get one, it's like a slushy but without all the crappy ingredients. They're home made with various flavours, lemon, strawberry, coffee, watermelon, you name it, they got it. They are definitely a necessity if you go to Taormina during the summer as they'll cool you down. I can't remember where we got this exact one but we wanted to go to BamBar, where we are actually sitting in these photos as it was the highest ranking one for Granita's on TripAdvisor, however that day it was closed.

Ancient Theatre of Taormina

This theatre is an ancient Greek theatre (not Roman) which was built in the third century BC! It's the second largest theatre in Sicily, after the one in Siracusa. From the steps you can get a wonderful view of Mount Etna in the distance. It makes me think, how many eruptions this theatre has seen! The theatre is still used to this day for performances.


Taormina has beauty everywhere you turn, here is one of the many piazza's in the town. I would highly advise walking around every crevice of this town as it's beauty will amaze you. From the piazza (above), on the other side, there is a beautiful view of the sea.
As well as this, you must visit isola bella. I saw it from afar as I was only in the town of Taormina and didn't explore the lower areas. Isola Bella is a small island almost attached to the land where people can sunbathe in the summer months. It's incredible, and a must see.

Although we only had a quick day trip to Taormina, I know I will be back in the summer months to head to the beach and eat all the granitas!

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