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How To Apply For A Russian Visa

Applying for a Russian Visa was probably the most stressful part of organising our trip to St. Petersburg. Why? 1. Because there was next to no information online except from the consular website of the Russian Embassy which was quite hard to navigate and understand and 2. Davide didn't get his passport until a week before leaving so it was a massive rush, so if you plan on applying for a Russian Visa, follow these exact steps and you'll have no problems! And if you need tips on places to see check out my St. Petersburg Guide and Vlog.

I'll start off by listing what you need then I'll explain about how you get them:

1. Book accommodation
2. Travel Insurance
3. Tourist Invitation and Voucher
4. Fill out this visa application form
5. Passport photos
6. Postal Order
7. Go to the Embassy

Step 1: Book Accommodation

You have to book your accommodation before you apply for the visa as you need your booking reference number for the application form. I found a great way to book accommodation whilst getting my tourist invitation and voucher for free. This was done through as they have an affiliate link with so if you book through that affiliate link they will give you the tourist invitation and voucher for free (see step 3 for photo). Normally the invite and voucher cost around €25 so you are saving a lot of money. Thye will then send you the invitation and voucher by email and you just have to print it out.

Step 2: Travel Insurance

It's obligatory to have travel insurance going to Russia and you need to buy it before you fill in the application form as they need the details of your insurance plan. I booked mine through as they were the most reliable and cheapest I found. I paid around €24 for mine. They will give you a link of where to find your insurance policy and you just print it off.

Step 3: Tourist Invitation and Voucher

See Step 1.
The Invitation and Voucher are just travel documents required for a Russian Visa. They took less than 24 hours to process.

Step 4: Fill in your Visa Application Form

Go to this website and create an account. They will give you an account number so write it down immediately for your next login.   In this application form you will need to fill in all the information that is asked including the numbers in the invitation and voucher, your accommodation, what cities you plan to visit, your own details, your insurance etc. will help you fill in the parts of the invite and voucher so don't worry. Make sure you make no mistakes as they can be very strict with them.

Step 5: Passport Photos/ Visa Photos

When you finish the online application form you must print it out and you'll see a space to put your photo. Don't worry it won't be put on your visa I believe it's for their own records. They cost around €5-6 in your local pharmacy.

Step 6: Postal Order

The Russian Embassy will only accept postal orders, no other form of payment is accepted so make sure you get one before you get to the embassy. Just go into your local post office and ask for a postal order of x amount of money. But don't make it out to anybody.
There are two types of processing periods: the 1-3 day processing period - €171 (single entry) and
the 4-20 day processing period - €86 (single entry)
Note: these prices vary from country to country and the prices listed here are for Irish citizens.

Step 7: Make your way to the Embassy in Dublin

Visa application times are from 9am-11:45am so if you are travelling from other parts of Ireland be sure to get there on time. The address is: 184-186 Orwell Road, Rathgar, Dublin 14, Ireland. You must collect your visa within that time too. Bring your passport along with all the documents. There is always a queue of people but it goes pretty fast. Just make sure you call your spot in line as the room is quite small and everyone stands where they find a spot. After you give all your gathered documents and passport they will then give you a piece of paper with a date on it to come and collect your visa. When you return your visa will be stuck into your passport.
NB: Your passport must have at least 2 pages free, it must be in perfect condition and it must be valid for another 6 months.


1. Passport in good condition
2. Invitation and Voucher
3. Insurance
4. Accommodation
5. Visa photos glued onto application
6. Visa Application
7. Postal order with exact amount of money

Tip: Bring them in an envelope or small folder to be organised.

That is all you need to know for getting a Russian Visa, just remember it may vary depending on each country so always double check with the embassy in your country.

Don't forget to check out my St.Petersburg Guide and Vlog for some tips on places to see!



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