Tuesday 16 June 2015

Top 9 Summer Essentials.

The beach is as glamorous as you make it. If you want to enjoy your relaxing holiday you need to protect yourself as much as possible to ensure you don't get badly burnt, I have put together a list to ensure you benefit the most from your relaxing summer getaway, which will leave you feeling gorgeous and comfortable this summer.

1. Moisturiser!
Keeping your skin hydrated in hot weather can be difficult but I discovered the perfect moisturiser for people on the go. The Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser from boots and you can shop it here. It's very quick and efficient and it's perfect when you are trying to keep your skin glowing in the hot weather.

2. Sun Cream!
I know there is a huge stigma about people refusing to wear sun cream because it will prevent them from being a bronzed god/goddess. Well the harsh truth is, if you don't lather up you will become a beautiful tomato with long sleepless nights due to your burning, which will make you hide from the sun for the next week! So take my advice, wear sun cream, then when your skin habituates to the sun you could go for shorter periods with sun cream on. I found a great sun cream in boots the Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh, it is also a spray on sun cream which I find always better than the awkward squeeze bottle ones.You can shop this product here. 

3. Lip Balm.
Just like your skin, your lips need protection from the sun too I found this cheap lip balm with SPF30, The Soltan Active Ultra Resistance Sunstick from Boots! Shop it here.

4. Hair Care.
Your hair can get very damaged when subject to the harsh heat of the sun as well as the water in the sea which can make it go very brittle. For me I try to use a hair oil to protect my hair. I use the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brightening Oil Elixer from Boots because the sun makes the blond compositions of your hair turn orange and you don't want that! Every day pump a few drops into your hand and massage it into dry or wet hair to keep your hair looking and feeling hydrated and sleek.Shop this here. For the non blonde people I have chosen the Dove Hair Pure Care Oil, just like stated above pump a few drops into your fingertips and massage it into the ends of your hair. I guarantee you your hair will be looking gorgeous and healthy in no time. Shop this here.

5. Sun hats!
Sun hats are trending this summer, and I saw a range of fabulous sun hats in Pennys/Primark recently. Sun hats are also great for keeping the sun away from your face and from keeping away those awful headaches you get in the sun. They also make an outfit look cute/classy whichever way you decide to wear them. I believe they are essential for your summer wardrobe.

6. Swimming Suit/Bikini.
Swimwear style is getting bigger and better every year. I spotted some fabulous bikinis in Pennys/Primark and even better pieces on Misguided. You can shop Misguided's pieces here. I advise you to bring more than one piece of swimwear this summer because who wants to wear yesterdays soggy sandy bikini? I usually allow them to dry for a whole day after I've hand washed them to ensure better comfort.

7. Sandals!
Summer is all about the sandals and I can tell you gladiator sandals are in this summer as well as the Lace Up sandals. I bought a fabulous pair of lace up pumps from Pennys/Primark not too long ago but I cant seem to find them in Pennys since. But I found some amazing summer footwear on Public Desires website and you can shop all their fabulous pieces here

8. Beach Bag.
It's always good to have a good beach bag, but I wouldn't go spending a lot on something you use once a year. There is a great selection of beach bags available in Pennys/Primark as well as on Boohoo.com you can have a look at their selection here

9. Sunnies!
I left the best 'til last, sunglasses are 100% essential for sun holidays, and I have spotted some amazing pairs on Misguided. My favourite style of sunglasses at the moment are the Cat eye sunglasses. You can browse their amazing selection here

This is my go to summer essential list. If you combine this with fruity cocktails your summer vacation will be blissful. 

If you have any other pieces you wish to add to my list let me know!

Enjoy your holidays guys and girls! 

Chat soon,

Love Ciara x

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