Monday 22 June 2015

My 21st Birthday!

Hellooo everybody! 

I turned 21 on Friday and I decided to have a small get together with some friends and family to celebrate. It was held in the House Hotel beside the Spanish Arch where my family and I had a lovely meal, followed by some cocktails with a few close friends! If I had it my way I would have loved if all my family stayed with us and had fun too, it didn't feel the same without them. (Unfortunately under 16's weren't allowed on the premises after 9) :(
By the end of the night we decided to go to Kellys pub (now known as SEVEN) where we got the most gorgeous strawberry daiquiris, the spillages were worth it. After we went to Carbon where I got free entry and a free bottle of Champagne for me and the gang!

My birthday was made so special by each person that came especially to Ellen and Davide who travelled long distances to be there! Thank you so much I love ye! I also was so grateful for my two scuts Brian and Nicole who were so kind to bring me for din dins on Wednesday for my Birthday, mwah :* . I was so happy that my family and the Kane family enjoyed the dinner and they all looked so so fab! Everyone who made it to the party thank youuuuu! :)

I want to share a few snaps with you all the remainder will be on my Facebook and you will also see my Instagram spamming spree soon! :*

My outfit details:

Blazer: Newlook (shop it here)
Dress: Newlook (shop it here)
Shoes: Pennys/Primark
Necklace + Earrings: Pennys/ Primark
Watch: Daniel Wellington (Thank you to Aoife and the Kane Fam)

My Fabulous Mother <3

The fam.

Sista Sista.

The four sisters x

Baby Cake!

Amore mio <3

My Scut.

My number one <3

My love!

My favourite picture from the night. x
Don't we scrub up well!

Thanks to my cousin Aoife for my Princess Balloon, it survived the whole night and got to have some helium fun with the fam the next day!

Here are only a few memories from the night. The House Hotel is so fabulous, the décor was so suitable for me and they were great for catering for my family and friends. The meal was stupendous especially the starter! 
Seven was great, (Ellen we're famous TV dancers now! ;) ) whereas Carbon was a complete impulse, I'm getting too old for discos now, I am a 21 year old granny! But leave me in a pub and I'll be happy out sipping on cocktails!
All I can say is I really suffered the next day getting up at 10 to travel to Dublin Airport. It was torture! Things you do for love. :*

Photo credit: My new Nikon Coolpix p530 (Thank you Davide) <3

Again thank you to everyone who made my night unforgettable I love you all! :*

Chat soon guys and girlies,

Love Ciara x


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