Saturday 6 June 2015

The Daily Me.

Hello my lovelies! 

Today has been a nice relaxing day, I started my day with the nicest breakfast, green tea (of course) and my own little concoction; natural yoghurt, muesli, banana and kiwi! 


You should definitely try it if you are struggling to find something healthy to eat in the mornings. Its so quick to prepare too so you wont feel the need to rush when preparing it.
I didn't have any strawberry's at home this morning so I usually add them to the mix too! The more the merrier! :)

I also have a look to show you guys, in my last post I told you that I would show you the make-up I bought in Rome. Well today I decided to show you guys my daily make-up routine including these new purchases. I also added in the other factors to my make-up routine so I will show you them too! :)

My routine is as follows: 
           1. Moisturise moisturise moisturise! The most important part to applying make-up! It keeps your face from going dry which does not look good when you wear make-up, who wants patchy dry skin when wearing make-up? So moisturise before and wait for it to fully soak into your skin, and use the moisturiser which is good for your skin type.
          2. Primer! People usually forget about primer and it has happened to me many a time but it is very important in your make-up routine, it evens out your skin, it evens out your skin tone and it gives a great canvas for your foundation. Even if you're too lazy to wear it, wear it! :) The primer I now love is the Kiko primer I bought in Rome, it feels amazing on my skin and it evens out my skin tone so well. Check out my previous blog post for it's details, 'Rome Shopping Haul'.
          3. Concealer. Since my boyfriend bought me the Lancome Paris concealer I use it immediately after my primer has been soaked up by my skin, I use it under my eyes, the bridge of my nose, the red areas around my nose and any blemishes I have. I blend that in completely. It works wonders for my skin and is great for the summer weather as it feels so light. Again details on this concealer are on my previous post.
         4. Foundation. The Make up Forever foundation which was also given to me as a present in Rome is a brilliant foundation, the coverage is amazing and it doesn't feel like your face is caked in make-up. It feels so light on your skin which is why I would definitely recommend it for the hot clammy weather of summer. Details of this foundation are in my previous blog post. :)
        5. Concealer. Yes concealer again, and no I'm not crazy, I use a different concealer in this stage; The Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15, I use this very light shade for highlighting purposes, under my eyes, down my nose, between my brows, centre of forehead and my cupids bow. It's extremely effective! Here is a picture of the bottle of it, I would take a picture of mine, but it's sadly almost gone so it looks ugly. :(
       6. Bronzer. I use the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer to contour my face, I think contouring is essential to define the natural structure of your face. If I don't contour my features I look like a football face. I define my cheek bones, and the top corners of my forehead, and either side of my nose starting from where my eyebrows meet the top of my nose. I also use a tiny bit on either side of my chin to give the appearance of a longer, skinnier face. Yesterday I sadly dropped it on the ground and it's all broken so writing this makes me cry inside.

       7. Eye Primer. I use the Kiko Pearly eye base primer for my eyelids. I use this for the same purpose I use normal primer, to act as a canvas for my eye-shadow, it evens out the skin tone and hides any little impurities you may have. Leave it to dry before applying eye shadow! 

        8. Eyebrows. Eyebrows are everything to the face and the bigger the better I believe. I'm not one for drawing on eyebrows, I simply fill the brows I naturally have with the Rimmel London Brow this Way. It is the best thing I use I simply comb the hairs I have and it defines them more. I highly recommend buying this, you can buy it in the Pharmacy or in Pennys/Primark and it's very cheap. 
        9. Eye-Shadow. For today's look I used the Bourjois Paris Smokey Eyes trio Purple. I used this because it makes my green eyes pop. It's very easy to apply especially if you have a good blending brush. If you're wondering why I went from eye primer to eye brows then to eye shadow, it's because the primer takes a while to dry in. I suggest you do this also. :)
        10. Eyeliner. I line the top of my eyelid with the Kiko precision eyeliner and I can say it is the best eyeliner I have applied. Its very thin and I always feel like I am in control when applying it, whereas the other liquid eyeliners I have used always went terrible. I guess that's why its called Precision Eyeliner. I'm only sad I didn't buy another one when I was in Rome.
         11. Mascara. I'm not one for searching for great mascaras, I usually just pick one up in Pennys/Primark when I run out, so at the moment I'm using this Catrice ultimate lash multimizer volume mascara, I can't complain about it, but I have yet to find a great mascara!
        12. Highlighter. I love to use the Mac 'Soft and Gentle' mineralise skinfinish highlighting powder. It really gives my skin a glowing finish, I like to apply it to above my cheek bones and into my temple area and my cupids bow. It really adds something unique to your appearance, its so gorgeous when applied correctly!

         13. Lips. For my lips I love to use this Kiko 'Ace of Diamonds' lip-liner to first define my lips, i then blend it into my lips which gives an ombr√© look, I then apply my new Kiko 'Velvet Mat' lipstick which gives your lips the most natural colour. I cant fault these two products! The details of the Kiko lipstick is in my previous post 'Rome Shopping Haul', and here is a picture of the lip-liner. :)

And finally finito! 

Excuse the face, I tried to do the typical girl showing off make-up didn't turn out well for me.. But as you can see in the second picture my eye colour is really defined because of the purple tones. I don't like to have my eyes too dramatic for my every day look so I blended in the 3 tones well to create this purple/silver colour.

 So now you know, I am off to make myself some food now because I'm starving! But I hope you got some benefits from the information I gave you all. And just a note, I am not a make up artist nor have I ever done a course in make up, this is just my own take of make up application. :)

Make up outcome photo credit: @michelleswalsh (instagram)

 Talk to you soon guys!! :)

Love Ciara x


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