Tuesday 9 June 2015

Act Like a Lady.

Hello everybody! 
How is everyone's glorious sunny Tuesday going? I hope you are whipping out a few drinks to soak up the sun and chill for the evening. :)
Today I passed my driver theory test! I scraped a pass but I am absolutely delighted! :D 

I want to talk to you guys about a new outfit I put together which is classy and elegant. On Sunday Ráichéal, Mom and I decided to go for a lovely morning jog on the beach. I saw it as a perfect opportunity to snap some piccies for you guys.

This outfit was mainly bought in Rome, I purposely hid this top and skirt from you so I could focus on this outfit on its own. (Rome Shopping Haul post) But it was bought in a small boutique called Jessica and all the clothes were reasonably priced.

For me dressing classy is such a booster for one's confidence, I love it and I believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Just like how girls wear makeup to feel pretty, why not put a cute elegant outfit together. I don't mean you have to wear skirts all the time, even a pair of black jeans with a cream blouse, some statement jewellery and a pair of cute pumps or heels would be just the same. :)

I loved this look completely when I saw it in Rome, in fact it was a little present and I am so grateful for it! Thank you Simona! :*

Details below!  

Top: Isabella (From Jessica-Rome)
Skirt: Styled in Italy (Jessica-Rome)
Necklace: Pennys/Primark
Shoes: Pennys/Primark

Shooting on the beach was so calming and relaxing, and yes after the shoot I completely stripped down to my exercise leggings, runners, jumper and my bare face! Haha.

But if you are going out on the town and you are stuck between a tiny bodycon dress or a fab midi dress, choose the midi every time! You wont regret it. Don't feel you have to wear little to impress. Act like a lady girls it's the best advice I can give. :) You're all beautiful! 

And like my outfit, don't be afraid to dress black this summer, if you saw the amazing dress Kendall Jenner wore last night for Dosso Dossi I'm sure you too were blown away and if you didn't here it is.

Talk about elegance! I don't mean for you to wear something like this when you go out but as you can see something so elegant and beautiful like this is so eye-catching. 

I hope you can relate to what I'm saying. Go out and be fabulous! :)

I'm off to catch the remainder of the sun! Enjoy the rest of your evening you all deserve it! :)

Photo credit: raichywalsh (instagram)

Ciao for now! :*

Love Ciara x


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