Wednesday 1 August 2018

Destination: Holiday With PrettyLittleThing

I'm so excited to bring you a lookbook (of photos) of various outfits I styled for PrettyLittleThing, this post is not sponsored, however I am collaborating with them to promote some gorgeous summer pieces I was able to choose from their Holiday Shop.

Summer time is my favourite time of year. If I could live on a beach I would. Who else is dreaming of summer nights in exotic countries? There's no better feeling than not having to wear any cover-ups in case it gets a bit 'chilly' and being able to flaunt your cute summer clothes. If you want to skip to the holiday outfits I styled you can scroll down to see all 5! I loved shooting everything in different locations in Galway!

I've travelled a bit this year, you all know I lived in Sicily for the year so travelling around that beautiful island in the heat was something special. Being a 25 minute flight from Malta was also a bonus so there was no doubt that we would jet off for a few days holiday in the Sun. Don't get me wrong I could travel every minute of every day whether it be summer or winter -remember when I walked on frozen rivers in Russia?

This summer took a turn for me, I had planned a holiday abroad in a hot destination, however due to something that came up we couldn't go. So, this summer I am spending it home in Ireland. We have been quite lucky with the weather, it's reached 30 degrees here which is just ideal and definitely made my holiday blues a little less apparent. I mean I've sunbathed a few times since coming home! It also allowed me to wear summer clothes (something that is unheard of in Ireland).

Even though I'm not travelling or going on holiday this summer like I had hoped to, I always believe in the "blessing in disguise" saying. I know my quick summer in Catania was cut short for a reason and I'm not going to question why anymore. I know I'll find out soon. I'm home almost a month now and it's been lovely. I forgot how nice it was to be looked after. Living alone means "adulting level 9000'' so although I'm working, I don't have to "adult" as much. I know I'll want my full independence back within a couple of weeks though.

What do you think about travelling for the summer/ taking a small holiday, which do you prefer? Personally I prefer to travel for a long period of time. I've so many ideas I want to make happen for travels. I need time and money but I know I'm getting closer to one of my dream travel experiences. I've still to choose the month but either before Christmas 2018 or May/ June 2019, I will be jetting off somewhere for an amazing trip!

I always bring gorge outfits with me when travelling, being a lover of fashion, and living a percent of my life online I always want to be presentable. Don't get me wrong I love wearing a pair of sweatpants and an oversized hoodie (aka me right now as I type). These outfits in today's post were chosen and styled by yours truly. Wearing each of these made me wish I was in an exotic country. But there's no better place than County Galway. You can shop all these pieces on PrettyLittleThing.

 Look one

Shop this look (Affiliate links) : Top: HERE Shorts: HERE  Sandals: HERE

Look 2

Shop this look (Affiliate links): Top: HERE Skirt: HERE Shoes: HERE

Look 3

Shop this look (Affiliate links): Top: HERE Shorts: HERE  (similar) Shoes: HERE

Look 4:

Shop this look (Affiliate links): Top: HERE Skort: HERE Shoes: HERE

Look 5:

Shop this look (Affiliate links): Top: HERE Shorts: HERE Sandals: HERE

I hope you enjoyed this post, being able to collab with PrettyLittleThing is such a dream, having you all read my posts and engage with me online means the world to me. It also allows me to create content like this for you!

I hope you loved the outfits too, I'm in love with them!

All photos taken by @michelleswalsh



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