Monday 31 July 2017

The Importance of 'Me' Time

We all get so caught up in life that we forget about ourselves, I know I do. You're either worrying about exams, repeats, work, family problems, friend problems, future problems etc. leaving you to neglect yourself and the stress you're enduring.


Thursday 27 July 2017

5 Best Brunch Spots In Galway

Brunch has just exploded in recent years, I for one am obsessed with the idea of brunch. From these pictures you might tell I have a huge sweet tooth and I go crazy for some good pancakes or waffles. I've been testing out many brunch spots in Galway recently and I have narrowed it down to 5 of the best brunch spots around.

1. Ard Bia Nimmos


Tuesday 18 July 2017

I've Some News..

If you've noticed I've been quite MIA on Snapchat recently, I have a proper explanation though. I've been so busy! I recently started working in Willow, which was the best decision I've ever made because I'm absolutely loving every minute of it. My wallet hates me though because I can't resist the temptation of their clothes! 🙊


Saturday 15 July 2017

Staycation at Wynns Hotel, Dublin.

As Davide came to Ireland for two weeks we decided on the last night we would stay in Dublin to make things easier airport wise the following day. This gave us two days in Dublin to relax and hang out. I found Wynns Hotel on and after falling in love with it and what it has to offer I used my initiative and I decided to see the price of it on their own website. By doing so I saw a €20 difference in the price so I booked immediately through their website

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Why Galway Is The Best Place To Be When The Sun Is Out

You can't deny it, Galway is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Ireland. It's quirky nature and friendly ambiance really makes Galway unique from the rest of Ireland. Galway really has so many amazing aspects, we have the beautiful Connemara, one of the only places in Ireland where Irish is still spoken, the sea, and when the sun is out, it just booms with people.


#ScoliosisStories: Laura Keep

This month's amazing scoliosis warrior is Laura. Like everyone who battles this condition she has definitely had her fair share of struggles with it and today she is sharing her amazing story. Thank you so much Laura for taking part in #ScoliosisStories you are an inspiration to those around you! 💜

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