Tuesday 18 July 2017

I've Some News..

If you've noticed I've been quite MIA on Snapchat recently, I have a proper explanation though. I've been so busy! I recently started working in Willow, which was the best decision I've ever made because I'm absolutely loving every minute of it. My wallet hates me though because I can't resist the temptation of their clothes! 🙊

I've been asked many times recently what my travel plans are this summer but I've decided to only work for many reasons, one being to get more experience. I've never had experience in retail and with having a fashion blog I wanted to break into that world. I love it!

Second reason is to save. 

A few months ago I was really contemplating life after college, because I have to adult now. One day I was talking to one of my Italian teachers and she told me about this scheme she did one year. It's called The English Language Assistant Scheme by Irish department of Education. The scheme is also in place in other countries around Europe. Practically a student would be chosen based on their language proficiency and experience to go abroad to be the assistant of an English teacher in a secondary school. Naturally I applied to be one in Italy. I couldn't choose where to go, but I could give my top three choices; Rome, Bologna and Florence.

I waited about four months and only very recently I got an email telling me I got offered a position, however it wasn't in either of the three cities I had hoped for. I got offered the position in Sicily! I was definitely taken aback by the news but with that I was filled with complete and utter excitement. I've never been to Sicily (it's a dream of mine to go there though) and obviously it's an island off Italy. But the fact I was chosen to go makes me so happy. Only a few days ago I sent off my acceptance letter. 

So.. I'm moving back to Italy!! Prepare for la dolce vita taking over your laptop and phone screens 😍 

I'll be moving in September so let the saving commence! 

I'll miss Galway and the blogging opportunities I could have when I'm gone but my true passion lies in Italy. So I will try get the hang of the Italian blogging scene! So my final reason to stay in Galway this summer was to stay with friends and family before the big move as well as work on the blog.

Jacket: Zara | Shirt: Willow | Pants: Mango | Sliders: Penneys/ Primark | Bag: Italy | Sunnies: Penneys

Apart from this incredible news can we take a moment to acknowledge my new pants? I bought them on Mango outlet for a fraction of the original price. The frayed detailing caught my eye when I saw them online. As well as that I picked up this Numph shirt in the Willow sale, it's so bloody soft I can't stop feeling the material when I wear it 😂. It's definitely a big fitting shirt as this is a size UK8 and I could have definitely gone for a UK6. I've my eyes on many more pieces from the sale especially since everything is 70% off!

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T- 2 months until the big move!


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