Friday 24 June 2016

My Birthday in San Marino

Hello Lovelies..

So finally after being 5 days without my precious Nikon, I got it back today so I can finally show you my fab pics from my birthday in San Marino!

San Marino is an independent republic within the country of Italy. No it is not part of Italy, yes they do speak Italian. It is one of the oldest republics in the world dating back to 301 AD with a population of 32,000, so it's quite small.

Davide travelled up from Rome in the car so we could make this trip. It was amazing! I couldn't believe it was like 18 degrees there though, we were wrapped up in our jackets. I'm sitting here writing this in 34 degrees and it's only been 5 days since we travelled..melting guys..

Anyways.. I turned 22 on Sunday the 19th, we got up very early to begin our travel, it's about an hour and a half from Bologna. When we arrived it was a strange sensation to be in another country by travelling only a short distance, I got that message you get with the different call rates from my Vodafone provider and we noticed the tax is so much lower there so we bought Davide his aftershave. I highly suggest buying designer pieces there!! Very cheap!

It's a very small republic but I loved the Medieval vibe it has. Unfortunately we had a time limit and couldn't see everything as there are also some castles too, but this gives me the excuse to return.

Take a look into San Marino:

 Outfit details: Top, Jeans: Primark, Scarf: H&M, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Italian leather shop, Sunnies: No Brand
 Piazza della Libertà

 Basilica di San Marino
 Parliament of San Marino

When we got home to Bologna, I had a small celebration with my friends. We went for an aperitivo and a few drinks after, I couldn't do anything huge because I had an exam a few days after. I didn't mind because for me I had the perfect birthday, it's not what you do it's who you celebrate with.

Chat soon :*


Thursday 9 June 2016

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

Hello lovelies,

I am back with another look into Rome's beauty paired with an #OOTD.
I went to Rome recently before my trial and terror of the horrid exams. On the 2nd of June every year Italy celebrates the Festa della Repubblica (Celebration of the Republic) and in Rome there is a huge parade which goes down the Roman Forum. We had planned to go but unfortunately the weather was a major obstacle that morning. We saw that later on in the day the weather was to get better so we chanced our arm and headed into the centre.
And my God am I thankful we did! The president of the republic was opening the gardens of his home to the public for that day only. 

When we entered I was amazed at the beauty of his home (It was originally the home to 30 pope's).
As I continued on into the garden soft music graced my ears and as it got louder and louder it came to my knowledge that it was the Banda Musicale dell'Arma dei Carabinieri or in English the Orchestra/Band of the Military Police. It was beautiful.

We then noticed people crowd around something, in which we soon realised it was the president! So we went over and with some slight pushing through people (oops) we were reaching distance from him! If you follow me on Snapchat (CiaraSwalsh) you would have seen it all. The orchestra then started playing Italy's national anthem and everyone was singing, it was just something special, a once and a lifetime opportunity. 

 Top: Primark (last year)
Shorts: Zara (last year)
Shoes: Zara (here)
Bag: Italian Leather shop
Necklace: Swarovski (here)
Sunnies: No brand

When we were about to leave a new orchestra came to play, they were the Banda Musicale della Guardia di Finanza. Which would be the orchestra/band of the finance police. If you're confused, there are tonnes of types of police in Italy.

Snapchat cam:

Chat soon my loves! :*


Sunday 5 June 2016


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