Sunday, 22 November 2015

Anxiety and depression are NOT 'Fashion Statements'.

Hi guys today I just want to get something off my chest that's been bugging me for a while now. I could have written a status on Facebook about this but I think this needs a Blogpost.

I know a lot of you have seen that people have began to tell their Anxiety story on Facebook or on their Blog and about how they are trying to battle it. I know recently it's becoming a lot more frequent. But one thing I have seen is people beginning to hate on these people saying it's a "Fashion Statement" or "oh everyone has mental disorders now" or "I feel sorry for people who actually have a mental disorder". When I began to see these nasty comments I was shocked. How could someone just judge another person so harshly on a topic so sensitive? Do you not realise these people are feeling more comfortable now to come out and tell others how they feel? You do know that they make themselves extremely vulnerable when they speak up? I admire every single one of these people for expressing the battles they face! Every story that surfaces helps an extra person because they know that they're not alone.
What happened to everyone saying "it's ok not to be ok"? because now all I hear that it's a "fashion statement"?!
Nobody has the right to tell someone how they should feel. 
Mental health is becoming more common because people are talking more. Who is to say that people didn't suffer 20, 30, 40 years ago? People didn't speak then, mental health was a shocking conversation back then. Our society is evolving and we want to help anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, you name it. But now the fact that people are speaking up more doesn't mean others should shun them. WE ARE HUMAN! 

Don't judge someone else just because you don't suffer like them, you don't know how their brain works just like we don't know how your brain works. We are all different. Acceptance of people is not hard. Mental health is not a bad thing. Stop judging, stop bullying, learn to accept people and help people. Be there for people, be kind to people.

Anxiety and depression are NOT FASHION STATEMENTS!



  1. Im so proud of you Ciara. You said it all!!! Love you.

  2. well said ciara. my daughter has battled anxiety for a couple of years and I often get people saying to me she is looking for attention.. they know nothing !! I hope they never find out how wrong they are..I saw this on facebook and I really hope many others do too..
    thank you !

  3. well said ciara. my daughter has battled anxiety for a couple of years and I often get people saying to me she is looking for attention.. they know nothing !! I hope they never find out how wrong they are..I saw this on facebook and I really hope many others do too..
    thank you !

  4. This post was fab Ciara! You really put what people are thinking into words. Ailbhe X

  5. These words are beautiful Ciara! I saw your picture posted on Instagram and had to come over and read. From someone who suffers from both of these, and has had family members almost surrender completely to depression, it is touching to know that someone like you exists. Bloggers and vloggers do tend to have things they are learning to overcome, and that's why they do what they do. It's a way to take the first step of reaching out, admitting what's happening, and connecting with other who are going through the same thing :)

    Send love your way!

  6. i love reading this article so beautiful!!great job!

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