Tuesday 24 November 2015


We are home from an unforgettable experience! <3

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities that I have had the pleasure of visiting. A lovely weekend away (which was my anniversary present from Davide) in a breathtaking city. 
     As everyone know's Venice is a city on water made up of canals. When we arrived in the train station we had to take a 'water-bus' possibly the strangest thing I have ever heard. A bus in Venice is a big boat (just like the boat you take to the Aran Islands). We passed through the Grand Canal to get to Piazza San Marco (the main Piazza of Venice). We were faced with the most beautiful buildings in our 40 minute "bus" journey. 
      We arrived in Piazza San Marco with our luggage and walked to our hotel which was overlooking one of Venice's beautiful canals. It is very easy to get around in Venice without a boat or Gondola it has plenty of small bridges connecting the streets. 
     The Gondola's are so beautiful but very costly, €80-€100 depending on the time you go for only 30 minutes. We decided we would go on one when we are millionaires because no thank you!! Venice also has taxi's..water-taxi's! They're fabulous mini speed boats with leather interiors and an area to stand and look around at the beauty that is Venice.
     Other than that, it's you and your two legs! Venice is full of creativity, known for the fabulous masks of the carnival and Murano glass. I wanted to buy a beautiful mask but the price on them are very expensive (due to the care put into them whilst being constructed). I ended up getting a hand-made necklace of Murano glass (Murano is an island very near Venice and is part of Venice). If you follow me on my Snapchat you would have seen all the beautiful masks and my glass necklace: @ciaraswalsh 

Below are some of what we got up to:

 Palazzo Ducale/ Doge's Palace

 Outside our hotel

Ponte dei Sospiri
 View from our room

 Inside Palazzo Ducale/Doge's Palace

 Teatro la Fenice

Coat: Jenneyfer
Turtleneck top: Penneys/Primark
Pants: Zara
Boots: Mango

 Museo Correr


Venice has stolen both our hearts. We plan to return in the future for sure. In the end we had problems getting the water-bus back to the train station so instead of missing our train home we took a water-taxi! We truly felt like James Bond speeding down the grand canal. It was so beautiful watching Venice shrink before our eyes as we drove away.

Love Ciara x


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