Monday 24 February 2020

Get Everything You Want in Life and More!


Have you ever looked at another person’s life and thought that their life is “perfect? They seem to have everything, from the perfect relationship, job, car to dream house. What if today I told you, you can have all of those things and more!

The Law of Attraction is the secret, and it has completely changed my life and I know it will continue to do so everyday. 

Now some of you might or might not be familiar with the law of attraction but in this blog post I’m going to explain what it is and how you can apply it to your life. 

I first came across the law of attraction when I was about 14 but I didn’t start to really apply it in my life until my early 20's. Since then, I have manifested my perfect relationship, manifested the perfect dream city I’m living in now and much more! 

So, what is the law of attraction? It’s the idea that we can manifest everything we want in our lives no matter how big or small through the power of our mind.

Think about what you really want. The dream villa beside the sea in Miami? Or the Ferrari you’ve always dreamt about? The perfect partner?

Literally, you can have it all. 

The law of attraction is basically the theory that you attract what you are. Everything in life is a vibration and it is all vibrating at a frequency. Like a radio, if you are tuned on channel 2.0, you are ONLY going to hear the music or whatever it is that is at the frequency 2.0. It is impossible to hear anything from, say, channel 10.0. 

Even if you cannot see it, everything around you, including yourself, is vibrating constantly. So, like the radio, if your thoughts, actions and words are constantly focusing on negative things, you are vibrating at a very low negative frequency, and like the radio, you will only attract more negativity into your life. It is impossible to attract positive things such as love, happiness and wealth if you are letting out negative vibrations.

On the other hand, if you are focusing everything on positive things, you will naturally attract more positivity into your life. 

Think about it, when you meet someone who is negative and horrible, do you feel like you want to be with them and spend time with them? Probably the answer is no, but if you meet someone and they are smiley, friendly and genuine, you feel like you want to get to know them and spend time with them. This is all the law of attraction, it’s just that maybe you didn’t know the term for it before. 

Now let’s get into the principles of the law of attraction!



“Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

So, the first step in implementing the law of attraction into your lives, is to love yourself. 
We hear all the time that we must love ourselves, but what does that exactly mean? It’s not about thinking you're above anyone else or thinking you are the best. It’s about appreciating yourself for exactly who you are. Appreciating and loving all aspects of your imperfect self from personality to physical appearance. Acknowledging the wonderful aspects of yourself that no one else has because you are unique and you are the only you in the world!

I know most people including myself have gone through phases in their lives of insecurity, low self-esteem etc, I was and still sometimes am the same. And this is not to say these feelings are not legit but it’s being aware and willingly choosing to see the good that you have inside and outside of yourself even if maybe no one else does. 

To practice self love is so important because this is the foundation on which everything comes, positively or negatively in our lives. If you cannot love yourself, how can anyone else love you? If you don’t enjoy spending time with yourself, how can you expect others to enjoy spending time with you?

The first step you can do is to sit down and take a minute and write down even 5 things that you love about yourself. 

For example:
 1. I love that I am patient
2. I love that I have nice hair
3. I love that I am caring
4. I love that I make others laugh
5. I love that I can communicate well with others

This is an example of course, and you can ofcourse make a list of more than 5 things, but this is a good starting point if you don’t know where to start!
If you find it hard to write things you LOVE about yourself, start with LIKE and soon this will turn into LOVE. 

 We always tend to focus on what we don’t have or what we’re lacking. Especially with social media, it’s so easy nowadays to compare ourselves with others and feel like we are not as “good” as them. The reality is you are. And you are the first person who needs to realise this.

This is the first step of implementing the law of attraction into your life. 



“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” —Willie Nelson

The second principle is gratitude. 
I read this quote which said, “life is actually fair, because life is unfair to everyone”. The thing is, no one has a perfect life with no problems or dark moments. Literally everyone has experienced moments in their life where they’ve suffered in some way. 
This is life. 
But when something bad happens or even, if nothing good or bad is happening in our lives, we really forget about all the good, wonderful things in our own lives that we are so lucky to have. 
There is ALWAYS someone who is in a worse situation than you are, no matter how hard life is hitting you. Like loving yourself, you have to love, appreciate and be grateful for EVERYTHING that you have in your life. Try to write it down also and you’ll see how blessed you really are!

For example:
1. I’m grateful that I have a job
2. I’m grateful that I have a roof over my head
3. I’m grateful that I have food to eat everyday
4. I’m grateful for my health
5. I’m grateful that I have amazing friends and family who support and love me unconditionally

If you start to list the things however small they are, you’ll be amazed to realise actually how fortunate you are and really learn to appreciate everything you have in your life at this moment. 



“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” - Mark 11:24

The third principle comes in three parts: ask, believe, receive.

Call it what you want, God, universe or whatever you think is out there that’s bigger than you, me or the world. For me, I believe in God, and the law of attraction is literally the exact same as what the Bible says. 

First, ask for what you want. It can literally be anything, from wanting a free coffee from someone today to buying that seaside villa. There is an unlimited amount of resources in the world to give everyone what they want and more, so just ask! 

The next step is that you believe that you have already received it. 
Now, believing and fantasising are different. It’s not about dreaming about the nice car and dream job, but thinking it’s never going to happen. It’s about truly believing that what you asked for is already yours! It’s just a matter of time before one way or another it will come to you. 

Think about when you were a child, and you’d make a wish list to Santa Claus or to your parents. When you’ve made that list, you are 100 percent certain you’re going to get it on Christmas day. You know that what you’ve asked for will be yours on the 25th December, and you start to feel so excited and you start to feel what it’d be like to play with that Xbox when it’s finally in your hands. It’s just a case of waiting. 

This is the same thing. Know and really believe that what you’ve asked for is coming. Practice feeling the emotions of what it is already like having what you asked for in this moment. For example, if you want the perfect partner, feel the emotions of happiness, love and joy of having this perfect person in THIS moment. Feel like you’re already in love with this person and practice giving and showing these emotions to everyone and everything around you right now.
It’s just a matter of counting down the days. The only difference is that you don’t know how many days you have to wait but it’s coming!

And sure enough, one day, in the perfect timing, you will receive what you had asked for. You could receive it in ways that you had never imagined so be open minded about HOW you will receive it.



“Always remember God helps those who help themselves. So first prepare yourself, and then leave it to God.” - Unknown

The fourth principle is to let it go and leave it to God/ The Universe while doing your active role. So you’ve asked and believed but you can’t now just sit in your house and do nothing. It doesn’t work like that. You have to do your part and live your life trusting that while you do so, the things you’ve asked for will naturally come to you.
 Like if you want your perfect partner, and you truly believe it but then you just stay at home 24/7 not leaving your house, God or the universe cannot just send them to your house, knocking on your door! If only we could get Deliveroo to come by and drop what we want off ahaha!

Do the things you love, be it going to the gym, going to different cafes with your friends or going to a dance class and in one way or another, you will meet this person you’ve been waiting for. Ask, believe and let it go.



“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.” - Robert Muller

One aspect that I haven’t seen a lot of other law of attraction gurus talk about is forgiveness

We ALL have had  or have now, people or events happen to us which have hurt us a lot. We tend to, as humans, hold on to these bad feelings towards them which is why when we ,for example, break up badly with an ex, we let it the hurt we felt affect the next relationship we enter into. This is unhealthy for you and for the next potential person or situation. 

The truth is, the past no longer exists, neither does the future. The only thing that exists, is the moment now.

 If you keep letting the past affect you in this present, you are holding onto this that doesn't exist. Likewise, if you are putting your happiness on future things, for example, “I’ll be happy when I get a new job” you’re placing your happiness on something that doesn’t exist. If you truly want to be happy, be happy now. 

Let go, forgive EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that hurt you and focus on being happy NOW. 

This is not to say that the hurt we felt is not valid. We are humans, and we all have times when we are angry, sad or hurt and it’s GOOD to let out these emotions completely as it happens but then to let it all go in order to move forward. 


About a year and a half ago I was in a bad place, my past relationship was breaking down which brought a lot of negativity to my life, I never thought about myself and what I wanted, meaning I constantly went against everything I truly wanted in life.

One day I thought to myself, “What do I actually want?”

I wanted to move abroad and teach English. But I needed a proper qualification to do so. Yes, I had some experience but sometimes people need the piece of paper along with experience to get hired. 

So I began completely focusing on the idea of getting a CELTA and moving abroad. Italy was always in the back of my mind, I always told myself, I belong in Italy. Italy is my home. However, I wanted to see if I could go somewhere else instead, so I thought about Australia!

I was working in a random job in Galway and within the space of a few days my relationship ended and I lost my job. It was like a train had hit me. Despite all of this, I remember that I was strangely calm as I knew something bigger was at work here. And sure enough, my life flipped 180 degrees. 

I had researched about a CELTA which was supposed to start the following July. But having lost my job I decided to just check on their website to see if there was one I could do sooner. And there was! 
Within 2 weeks of losing my job, I enrolled for the CELTA. On completion of the course, the school I did it in, hired me immediately to work for them for the next 6 months so I could save for my big move to Australia.

Everything was ready and set for my move across the world!  
I had a few days before my leave so I went on holiday to Italy and this holiday changed everything. I was with my boyfriend (yes, within those months I nabbed myself a new and improved man!) and the time I spent in Italy in these few days just made me realise that I belonged in Italy.

I cancelled my move to Australia a week before I was supposed to go. I then sent A LOT of  emails to schools in Bologna. A day later, I received a job offer and I flew back to Italy within a few days. Not only this, I was able to find accommodation within the following week (and this city is notorious for being difficult to find accommodation!). The job I have provided me with amazing students and new friends and I couldn’t ask for more. 

I am now the happiest I have been. In the city I love, doing the job I love, with the people I love. This is what I asked for, this is what I believed I would get and this is what I received.


The law of attraction is always at work. It never stops and it’s always obedient. I know this is not a simple process. Trust me I am not perfect at this either and of course I have days where I’m in a negative place or I find myself talking badly about something or that I’m putting my energy of thought and actions on something negative. However, when you become more aware of your thoughts and actions, you can stop yourself from continuing down that path. It’s a constant journey of growth so don’t expect to be able to do this perfectly immediately. Everyday as you consciously work on implementing it, you’ll find that it becomes easier and easier. 

I really hope and wish the best for you all and hope you also can get anything and everything you want in life! The journey starts with you! 

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