Tuesday 30 June 2015

Party Time.

Hello my lovelies. :*

As you may have seen on my Instagram I uploaded a peak of Saturday night's outfit a few days ago.
I went to my cousins 21st (Happy Birthday Aoife!) and it was such a great night!

My outfit details are below:

Top: Pennys/Primark
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Pennys/Primark
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bracelet: Gucci

I had nothing to wear so I went with the trusty all black option paired with nude heels. You can't go wrong with this look if you are looking for a last minute outfit! It saves you on ripping your wardrobe apart. 
And with regards the heels, I prefer to wear nude heels with all black but you could also match it with a pop of colour, I've seen loads of colourful heels in Pennys recently so girls you should have a look out!

I'm beginning to buy bits and pieces for my two holidays this summer and I cant wait to show you guys. Knowing me I'll have impulse bought tonnes more summer pieces by the time I'm flying off.

I'll be heading to Italy to a little place with Davide at the end of July for 10 days, then when I'm back in Ireland I'll be flying off to Spain near Alicante with the family for another 10 days. (Our first family holiday abroad!) So I'm really counting down the seconds at this stage. I badly need some relaxing beach time and a few cocktails!

What are your plans this summer? Or have you just come back from your time in the sun? I'd love to hear about it. :)

Ciao for now everybody :*

Photo credit: @michelleswalsh (instagram)

Love Ciara x

Saturday 27 June 2015


Happy Saturday! :*

I hope everybody had a good week. Today I want to show you guys yesterdays outfit. I had quite a busy day yesterday trying to make deadlines for my Erasmus. 
I headed into town with Mom and Ráichéal, as they had to sell old school books and Mom thought it would be a good idea for me to go into Pennys for a look around while I waited for them. Worst idea ever because €34 later I was back with them on our way to Salthill Prom. I bought the cutest holiday pieces so that's my excuse....:)
After a quick walk on the Prom with Mom we then rushed to my college to hand in some Erasmus forms.
I finally booked my one way ticket to Italy too, it's nice to finally be able to see how everything is coming together. I am over the moon and I am counting down the seconds! :D

Here are yesterdays details:

Playsuit: Pennys/Primark
Belt: Pennys/Primark
Shoes: Pennys/Primark
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bracelet: Pandora

Tonight I'm heading to my cousins 21st Birthday. I still have to plan my outfit so I will pop up an Instagram post of the details soon. What are your plans for this Saturday night? :) I hope it's a good one!

Photo Credit: @raichywalsh (instagram)

Chat soon,

Love Ciara x

Monday 22 June 2015

My 21st Birthday!

Hellooo everybody! 

I turned 21 on Friday and I decided to have a small get together with some friends and family to celebrate. It was held in the House Hotel beside the Spanish Arch where my family and I had a lovely meal, followed by some cocktails with a few close friends! If I had it my way I would have loved if all my family stayed with us and had fun too, it didn't feel the same without them. (Unfortunately under 16's weren't allowed on the premises after 9) :(
By the end of the night we decided to go to Kellys pub (now known as SEVEN) where we got the most gorgeous strawberry daiquiris, the spillages were worth it. After we went to Carbon where I got free entry and a free bottle of Champagne for me and the gang!

My birthday was made so special by each person that came especially to Ellen and Davide who travelled long distances to be there! Thank you so much I love ye! I also was so grateful for my two scuts Brian and Nicole who were so kind to bring me for din dins on Wednesday for my Birthday, mwah :* . I was so happy that my family and the Kane family enjoyed the dinner and they all looked so so fab! Everyone who made it to the party thank youuuuu! :)

I want to share a few snaps with you all the remainder will be on my Facebook and you will also see my Instagram spamming spree soon! :*

My outfit details:

Blazer: Newlook (shop it here)
Dress: Newlook (shop it here)
Shoes: Pennys/Primark
Necklace + Earrings: Pennys/ Primark
Watch: Daniel Wellington (Thank you to Aoife and the Kane Fam)

My Fabulous Mother <3

The fam.

Sista Sista.

The four sisters x

Baby Cake!

Amore mio <3

My Scut.

My number one <3

My love!

My favourite picture from the night. x
Don't we scrub up well!

Thanks to my cousin Aoife for my Princess Balloon, it survived the whole night and got to have some helium fun with the fam the next day!

Here are only a few memories from the night. The House Hotel is so fabulous, the décor was so suitable for me and they were great for catering for my family and friends. The meal was stupendous especially the starter! 
Seven was great, (Ellen we're famous TV dancers now! ;) ) whereas Carbon was a complete impulse, I'm getting too old for discos now, I am a 21 year old granny! But leave me in a pub and I'll be happy out sipping on cocktails!
All I can say is I really suffered the next day getting up at 10 to travel to Dublin Airport. It was torture! Things you do for love. :*

Photo credit: My new Nikon Coolpix p530 (Thank you Davide) <3

Again thank you to everyone who made my night unforgettable I love you all! :*

Chat soon guys and girlies,

Love Ciara x


Tuesday 16 June 2015

Top 9 Summer Essentials.

The beach is as glamorous as you make it. If you want to enjoy your relaxing holiday you need to protect yourself as much as possible to ensure you don't get badly burnt, I have put together a list to ensure you benefit the most from your relaxing summer getaway, which will leave you feeling gorgeous and comfortable this summer.

1. Moisturiser!
Keeping your skin hydrated in hot weather can be difficult but I discovered the perfect moisturiser for people on the go. The Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser from boots and you can shop it here. It's very quick and efficient and it's perfect when you are trying to keep your skin glowing in the hot weather.

2. Sun Cream!
I know there is a huge stigma about people refusing to wear sun cream because it will prevent them from being a bronzed god/goddess. Well the harsh truth is, if you don't lather up you will become a beautiful tomato with long sleepless nights due to your burning, which will make you hide from the sun for the next week! So take my advice, wear sun cream, then when your skin habituates to the sun you could go for shorter periods with sun cream on. I found a great sun cream in boots the Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh, it is also a spray on sun cream which I find always better than the awkward squeeze bottle ones.You can shop this product here. 

3. Lip Balm.
Just like your skin, your lips need protection from the sun too I found this cheap lip balm with SPF30, The Soltan Active Ultra Resistance Sunstick from Boots! Shop it here.

4. Hair Care.
Your hair can get very damaged when subject to the harsh heat of the sun as well as the water in the sea which can make it go very brittle. For me I try to use a hair oil to protect my hair. I use the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Brightening Oil Elixer from Boots because the sun makes the blond compositions of your hair turn orange and you don't want that! Every day pump a few drops into your hand and massage it into dry or wet hair to keep your hair looking and feeling hydrated and sleek.Shop this here. For the non blonde people I have chosen the Dove Hair Pure Care Oil, just like stated above pump a few drops into your fingertips and massage it into the ends of your hair. I guarantee you your hair will be looking gorgeous and healthy in no time. Shop this here.

5. Sun hats!
Sun hats are trending this summer, and I saw a range of fabulous sun hats in Pennys/Primark recently. Sun hats are also great for keeping the sun away from your face and from keeping away those awful headaches you get in the sun. They also make an outfit look cute/classy whichever way you decide to wear them. I believe they are essential for your summer wardrobe.

6. Swimming Suit/Bikini.
Swimwear style is getting bigger and better every year. I spotted some fabulous bikinis in Pennys/Primark and even better pieces on Misguided. You can shop Misguided's pieces here. I advise you to bring more than one piece of swimwear this summer because who wants to wear yesterdays soggy sandy bikini? I usually allow them to dry for a whole day after I've hand washed them to ensure better comfort.

7. Sandals!
Summer is all about the sandals and I can tell you gladiator sandals are in this summer as well as the Lace Up sandals. I bought a fabulous pair of lace up pumps from Pennys/Primark not too long ago but I cant seem to find them in Pennys since. But I found some amazing summer footwear on Public Desires website and you can shop all their fabulous pieces here

8. Beach Bag.
It's always good to have a good beach bag, but I wouldn't go spending a lot on something you use once a year. There is a great selection of beach bags available in Pennys/Primark as well as on Boohoo.com you can have a look at their selection here

9. Sunnies!
I left the best 'til last, sunglasses are 100% essential for sun holidays, and I have spotted some amazing pairs on Misguided. My favourite style of sunglasses at the moment are the Cat eye sunglasses. You can browse their amazing selection here

This is my go to summer essential list. If you combine this with fruity cocktails your summer vacation will be blissful. 

If you have any other pieces you wish to add to my list let me know!

Enjoy your holidays guys and girls! 

Chat soon,

Love Ciara x

Sunday 14 June 2015

Shop Comfortably.

Happy Sunday my lovelies! :*

I spent my day shopping yesterday with my sister Ráichéal, we got gorgeous bits and pieces and no I won't show you guys just yet, but I'll be attending something soon and the outfit details will be up then. :) Ráichéal bought something fabulous for my 21st birthday party (this coming Friday) so I'll be sure to show you how fab it is. I might even rob it for myself one of these days..

Here are my outfit details for my days shopping yesterday:

Blazer: Pennys/Primark
Top: Pennys/Primark
Jeans: Pennys/Primark
Belt: Pennys/Primark
Shoes: Newlook

A very comfortable outfit and almost all Pennys/Primark bought! When I go for a days shopping I try to wear simple clothes because changing rooms can be hell if you wear clothes that are complicated to get off or if you wear too many clothes. I suggest simple and comfortable and your shopping experience will be a lot more relaxing. :)

I took my usual trip to Miss Selfridge today to find out they are having a great sale on, there are a lot of gorgeous things left and in most sizes! I will definitely be returning very soon after seeing the most gorgeous and classy white cropped pants, I couldn't believe they were on sale, as well as a lot of various versions of the same colour and material, shorts, peplum tops, skirts and blazers! So if you're looking for something classy to wear I suggest hitting the store soon before it's too late! :) 

Yesterday we also went for lunch in Coco Café and had the most delicious bap, the veggie bap (no cheese) and green tea (normal tea for Ráichéal). It filled us up completely and it was very cheap €7.30 for me in total, and cheaper for Ráichéal! I really suggest if you are looking for a place to eat in Galway city you should go there. The staff are lovely and the service was quick and efficient! I was recently in the Coco Café in Salthill and the service and food were to die for too. I have found my new favourite café! :) Check out my Instagram for photo details (ciaraswalsh). 

Today I'm spending the day with my granny, so I will talk to you all later! :*

Chat soon,

Love Ciara x

Photo Credit: raichywalsh (instagram).

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Act Like a Lady.

Hello everybody! 
How is everyone's glorious sunny Tuesday going? I hope you are whipping out a few drinks to soak up the sun and chill for the evening. :)
Today I passed my driver theory test! I scraped a pass but I am absolutely delighted! :D 

I want to talk to you guys about a new outfit I put together which is classy and elegant. On Sunday Ráichéal, Mom and I decided to go for a lovely morning jog on the beach. I saw it as a perfect opportunity to snap some piccies for you guys.

This outfit was mainly bought in Rome, I purposely hid this top and skirt from you so I could focus on this outfit on its own. (Rome Shopping Haul post) But it was bought in a small boutique called Jessica and all the clothes were reasonably priced.

For me dressing classy is such a booster for one's confidence, I love it and I believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Just like how girls wear makeup to feel pretty, why not put a cute elegant outfit together. I don't mean you have to wear skirts all the time, even a pair of black jeans with a cream blouse, some statement jewellery and a pair of cute pumps or heels would be just the same. :)

I loved this look completely when I saw it in Rome, in fact it was a little present and I am so grateful for it! Thank you Simona! :*

Details below!  

Top: Isabella (From Jessica-Rome)
Skirt: Styled in Italy (Jessica-Rome)
Necklace: Pennys/Primark
Shoes: Pennys/Primark

Shooting on the beach was so calming and relaxing, and yes after the shoot I completely stripped down to my exercise leggings, runners, jumper and my bare face! Haha.

But if you are going out on the town and you are stuck between a tiny bodycon dress or a fab midi dress, choose the midi every time! You wont regret it. Don't feel you have to wear little to impress. Act like a lady girls it's the best advice I can give. :) You're all beautiful! 

And like my outfit, don't be afraid to dress black this summer, if you saw the amazing dress Kendall Jenner wore last night for Dosso Dossi I'm sure you too were blown away and if you didn't here it is.

Talk about elegance! I don't mean for you to wear something like this when you go out but as you can see something so elegant and beautiful like this is so eye-catching. 

I hope you can relate to what I'm saying. Go out and be fabulous! :)

I'm off to catch the remainder of the sun! Enjoy the rest of your evening you all deserve it! :)

Photo credit: raichywalsh (instagram)

Ciao for now! :*

Love Ciara x


Saturday 6 June 2015

The Daily Me.

Hello my lovelies! 

Today has been a nice relaxing day, I started my day with the nicest breakfast, green tea (of course) and my own little concoction; natural yoghurt, muesli, banana and kiwi! 


You should definitely try it if you are struggling to find something healthy to eat in the mornings. Its so quick to prepare too so you wont feel the need to rush when preparing it.
I didn't have any strawberry's at home this morning so I usually add them to the mix too! The more the merrier! :)

I also have a look to show you guys, in my last post I told you that I would show you the make-up I bought in Rome. Well today I decided to show you guys my daily make-up routine including these new purchases. I also added in the other factors to my make-up routine so I will show you them too! :)

My routine is as follows: 
           1. Moisturise moisturise moisturise! The most important part to applying make-up! It keeps your face from going dry which does not look good when you wear make-up, who wants patchy dry skin when wearing make-up? So moisturise before and wait for it to fully soak into your skin, and use the moisturiser which is good for your skin type.
          2. Primer! People usually forget about primer and it has happened to me many a time but it is very important in your make-up routine, it evens out your skin, it evens out your skin tone and it gives a great canvas for your foundation. Even if you're too lazy to wear it, wear it! :) The primer I now love is the Kiko primer I bought in Rome, it feels amazing on my skin and it evens out my skin tone so well. Check out my previous blog post for it's details, 'Rome Shopping Haul'.
          3. Concealer. Since my boyfriend bought me the Lancome Paris concealer I use it immediately after my primer has been soaked up by my skin, I use it under my eyes, the bridge of my nose, the red areas around my nose and any blemishes I have. I blend that in completely. It works wonders for my skin and is great for the summer weather as it feels so light. Again details on this concealer are on my previous post.
         4. Foundation. The Make up Forever foundation which was also given to me as a present in Rome is a brilliant foundation, the coverage is amazing and it doesn't feel like your face is caked in make-up. It feels so light on your skin which is why I would definitely recommend it for the hot clammy weather of summer. Details of this foundation are in my previous blog post. :)
        5. Concealer. Yes concealer again, and no I'm not crazy, I use a different concealer in this stage; The Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NC15, I use this very light shade for highlighting purposes, under my eyes, down my nose, between my brows, centre of forehead and my cupids bow. It's extremely effective! Here is a picture of the bottle of it, I would take a picture of mine, but it's sadly almost gone so it looks ugly. :(
       6. Bronzer. I use the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzer to contour my face, I think contouring is essential to define the natural structure of your face. If I don't contour my features I look like a football face. I define my cheek bones, and the top corners of my forehead, and either side of my nose starting from where my eyebrows meet the top of my nose. I also use a tiny bit on either side of my chin to give the appearance of a longer, skinnier face. Yesterday I sadly dropped it on the ground and it's all broken so writing this makes me cry inside.

       7. Eye Primer. I use the Kiko Pearly eye base primer for my eyelids. I use this for the same purpose I use normal primer, to act as a canvas for my eye-shadow, it evens out the skin tone and hides any little impurities you may have. Leave it to dry before applying eye shadow! 

        8. Eyebrows. Eyebrows are everything to the face and the bigger the better I believe. I'm not one for drawing on eyebrows, I simply fill the brows I naturally have with the Rimmel London Brow this Way. It is the best thing I use I simply comb the hairs I have and it defines them more. I highly recommend buying this, you can buy it in the Pharmacy or in Pennys/Primark and it's very cheap. 
        9. Eye-Shadow. For today's look I used the Bourjois Paris Smokey Eyes trio Purple. I used this because it makes my green eyes pop. It's very easy to apply especially if you have a good blending brush. If you're wondering why I went from eye primer to eye brows then to eye shadow, it's because the primer takes a while to dry in. I suggest you do this also. :)
        10. Eyeliner. I line the top of my eyelid with the Kiko precision eyeliner and I can say it is the best eyeliner I have applied. Its very thin and I always feel like I am in control when applying it, whereas the other liquid eyeliners I have used always went terrible. I guess that's why its called Precision Eyeliner. I'm only sad I didn't buy another one when I was in Rome.
         11. Mascara. I'm not one for searching for great mascaras, I usually just pick one up in Pennys/Primark when I run out, so at the moment I'm using this Catrice ultimate lash multimizer volume mascara, I can't complain about it, but I have yet to find a great mascara!
        12. Highlighter. I love to use the Mac 'Soft and Gentle' mineralise skinfinish highlighting powder. It really gives my skin a glowing finish, I like to apply it to above my cheek bones and into my temple area and my cupids bow. It really adds something unique to your appearance, its so gorgeous when applied correctly!

         13. Lips. For my lips I love to use this Kiko 'Ace of Diamonds' lip-liner to first define my lips, i then blend it into my lips which gives an ombré look, I then apply my new Kiko 'Velvet Mat' lipstick which gives your lips the most natural colour. I cant fault these two products! The details of the Kiko lipstick is in my previous post 'Rome Shopping Haul', and here is a picture of the lip-liner. :)

And finally finito! 

Excuse the face, I tried to do the typical girl showing off make-up look..it didn't turn out well for me.. But as you can see in the second picture my eye colour is really defined because of the purple tones. I don't like to have my eyes too dramatic for my every day look so I blended in the 3 tones well to create this purple/silver colour.

 So now you know, I am off to make myself some food now because I'm starving! But I hope you got some benefits from the information I gave you all. And just a note, I am not a make up artist nor have I ever done a course in make up, this is just my own take of make up application. :)

Make up outcome photo credit: @michelleswalsh (instagram)

 Talk to you soon guys!! :)

Love Ciara x

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