Monday 31 August 2015

My New Home!

I am here!

I am in Bologna safe and sound and I love it. I have moved into a lovely apartment with two other Italian girls and I have a single room to myself. The size of my room is so great and I've only started to design it to make it more homely. I will do a full post on how I decorated my room when it’s complete. :)

I'm not homesick as of yet, I have still to start college though and meet a lot more people so for these days I am just getting my bearings. :) I'm not in the centre of Bologna, I am about a 10-15 minute bus journey away which doesn't bother me as I'm not around the hustle and bustle of the city. Trying to understand the roads is hard though because everything looks the same!

I finally took the bus into the centre and began to understand a few things about the place. I'm so excited to learn a lot more. :)

Here is some of Bologna’s beauty for you all to see! 

I will chat to you all very soon for more updates! Watch out for an upcoming competition on my Instagram: ciaraswalsh and Facebook: CiaraSwalsh, as my initial goal after starting CiaraSwalsh Blog was to reach 5000 total views by the end of summer and I have achieved this and more. I have reached approx. 7000 total views and I am absolutely over the moon! Thank you all for everything and your continuous support! :*
So keep your eyes peeled girls!

Love always,

Ciara x

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Beach Front.

Hey lovelies! :)

Here is a cute little piece I threw together for a relaxing evening in Torrevieja. Evenings walking along the promenade are so gorgeous especially with the glorious sunsets every night. Here I am wearing a very simple and comfortable outfit which is ideal for the hot weather of Spain. It was very hard to find good restaurants to eat in as I am quite a fussy eater but on our last night we found the most amazing restaurant called Sirocco. I suggest going for one of the pasta dishes I got ravioli al tartufo and I almost licked the plate clean! It's absolutely fabulous and we also had a lovely view of the beach. 

Details on what I wore below:

 Top: Penneys/Primark
Shorts: Market in Cabo Roig
Sandals: Penneys/Primark (Spain)

Right now I am preparing myself to leave tonight for the airport! My flight is very early tomorrow morning. I still can't believe how fast this came and I am so close to my dream of living in Italy! :)
It will take me a while to settle in to the new apartment but I'm excited to experience it all.
I will keep you all posted on my big move for my Erasmus year.

Ciao for now! :*

Big Kisses xx

Monday 24 August 2015

Torrevieja, Spain

How are you all today? :*

As you know from my last post we began our holiday in Cabo Roig, well after a sun filled week we ventured to a small city close by called Torrevieja where we spent the remaining three days of our holiday. The minute we entered this little city I completely fell in love with the place because I could feel more of a cultured vibe to the area. Our hotel was a 2 minute walk from the beach. We stayed in the Fontana Plaza Hotel and we were fortunate to have an outdoor pool too. 
There was also a bunch of huts/stalls along a road next to the beach where you could buy souvenirs, clothes, anything at all! It was so cute! 

Outfit details on what I wore to dinner the first night are below:

 Maxi dress: Penneys/Primark
Sandals: Primark (Spain)

Talk soon guys :*

Love Ciara x

Photo credit: @michelleswalsh (Instagram)


Saturday 22 August 2015

Cabo Roig, Spain

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know I am home from Spain and I'm in Ireland for four more days before the big move! But Before I go I have a lot of posts coming up on my family holiday to Spain. :)

We began our holiday in a place called Cabo Roig in south-east Spain. It's full of English and Irish and some Spanish. If you only want a sun holiday I suggest you take a look at this place but there is absolutely no culture in this part which was a major downfall as I love to see culture and learn about other peoples' culture.

We stayed in a small complex of houses and there was also a pool for everyone to use. Our neighbours were absolutely lovely and we got to know an English family and an Irish couple. 

The main area of Cabo Roig was the strip which was full of bars and restaurants and during the night you could buy small gifts along the sides of the road. 

We found the most amazing beach called Cala Capitan. The water was almost transparent, the sand was almost white and if you bring goggles or a snorkelling pack you can also swim with hundreds of fish! Luckily we brought some and I have to say it was absolutely incredible! We also rented the sun loungers at the beach, €6 per person for the whole day. Cala Capitan Beach was by far the highlight of Cabo Roig. :)

Below is what I wore to dinner one of the nights, I picked up this little piece in the Thursday market in Cabo Roig for only €12. It is absolutely fabulous! The market is there every Thursday and you can find anything and everything there!

MaoilĂ­osa :*

Photo Credit: @michelleswalsh (Instagram)

Love Ciara x

Thursday 20 August 2015

What is the Temple of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina, Italy?

The Temple of Jupiter Anxur is a temple above Terracina dating back to the fourth century BC!
We got to see an amazing view of Terracina from above and a beautiful sunset. 

It is assumed that the Sanctuary/Temple was dedicated to Jupiter but some believe it was dedicated to Venus. It was also used for military purposes.
We were greeted with a short film on the history of this temple before being able to explore the grounds. I highly recommend to visit this beautiful place, and you will also be in awe of the amber sunset. :)
From anywhere in Terracina I could always look up and see the Temple. During the night it's lit up in purple and it looks so magical!

Here are a few snaps of what I wore and the gorgeous views of Terracina:

Complete outfit: Penneys/Primark

I came home from Spain last night and I have a few new pictures to share with you all, keep posted over the next few days!

Chat very soon,

Love Ciara x

Friday 14 August 2015

Sights in Sperlonga, Italy


Hello everybody! :*

Today I am going to share some snaps we took on our second venture to Sperlonga. After being there during the night, I was dying to get back to see it's beauty during the day. It's probably one of the most amazing towns I have been in so far in Italy. Its a little town on the beach full of stairs and passageways. It's about a 20 minute drive from Terracina so the driving distance wasn't bad at all. :) 

In the pictures I'm about to show you you will find little corridors with doors. This is actually the town and those doors are the front doors to peoples houses! So incredible and gorgeous!

Outfit details and more below:

Outfit details: 
Head to toe in Penneys/Primark
 A tree giving the illusion that there is a house sitting on it.

View of the Sea. 


 Imaging that being your home <3

 This place is even more beautiful in reality. If you ever get the chance you must go and see it's beauty.

I still have more to share with you from this amazing holiday so as usual, keep posted! :)

I am currently in Spain with my family. I can't wait to share this experience with you when I get back.

Chat soon guys and girls :*

Love Ciara x
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