Monday 31 August 2015

My New Home!

I am here!

I am in Bologna safe and sound and I love it. I have moved into a lovely apartment with two other Italian girls and I have a single room to myself. The size of my room is so great and I've only started to design it to make it more homely. I will do a full post on how I decorated my room when it’s complete. :)

I'm not homesick as of yet, I have still to start college though and meet a lot more people so for these days I am just getting my bearings. :) I'm not in the centre of Bologna, I am about a 10-15 minute bus journey away which doesn't bother me as I'm not around the hustle and bustle of the city. Trying to understand the roads is hard though because everything looks the same!

I finally took the bus into the centre and began to understand a few things about the place. I'm so excited to learn a lot more. :)

Here is some of Bologna’s beauty for you all to see! 

I will chat to you all very soon for more updates! Watch out for an upcoming competition on my Instagram: ciaraswalsh and Facebook: CiaraSwalsh, as my initial goal after starting CiaraSwalsh Blog was to reach 5000 total views by the end of summer and I have achieved this and more. I have reached approx. 7000 total views and I am absolutely over the moon! Thank you all for everything and your continuous support! :*
So keep your eyes peeled girls!

Love always,

Ciara x

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