Friday 12 May 2017

15 Random Facts About Me

First things first before we get into these facts, how FAB are these photos? I'm  working with an amazing photographer named Lauren Ferrell, who is based in Galway. She was the photographer for the Galway Fashion Trail where I met her, and I just knew I had to work with her! I loved shooting this look so hope you like the shots!

I want to let you all in on some facts about me so you can all get to know me a little bit more considering at the end of this month CiaraSwalsh will be 2 years old (what?!?) so I think it's time to learn a bit more about me. Keep reading..

1. To start.. I'm from Galway and just finished my 4th and final year in NUIG studying Psychology and Italian in a BA International.

2. I'm 22, 23 in June.

3. I was a really weird child, still am weird, but myself and my siblings used to pretend we were animals and tell our younger sisters that they can't pretend they were dogs because they didn't have the powers like we did. We used to say we actually transformed into them... wtf like?!

4. Again with our imaginations, in our Grannys house she used to have a well and my cousins used to taunt me saying this fictional person used to bring them to his underwater world and fix their limbs because sharks used to always eat them. One day they all told me that this man-named Bonjay, was going to end the world in 5 seconds and I cried my eyes out and ran into granny and mom screaming 😂. I don't know how old I was but ya I was traumatised.

5. I stayed back in 1st class in Primary school because mom said that "the maths was too hard for me" thanks mom.

6. Oh my god, when I was in primary school, my best friend came over to my house a lot and one day in my bedroom -at the time the gutter was overflowing because it was raining like crazy-  it formed a wide sort of waterfall in front of the window. Us being naiive children thought it was a "miracle" and we had to capture the "holy water" with cups. You can't make this stuff up! We treasured that holy water for so long after 😂.

7. I used to be obsessed with Jedward. Myself and 3 of my friends got VIP tickets to go meet them before their concert in Leisureland. I rocked up with a t-shirt saying "Ciara loves Jedward" with a picture of their faces. We were in love!

8. I'm petrified of bees and wasps, one day I was so scared that I threw my phone at one in defence and broke it.....

9. When I was a teenager I was fascinated with space -still am- and I wanted to study astronomy in college.

10. I can't slouch, my titanium rods prevent it and I was known as the girl "with the really good posture" in school.

11. If you haven't guessed from the last one, I have a fully fused spine as I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2007.

12. I am fluent in Italian.

13. I lived in Italy last year and plan to next year.

14. I always wanted to work for a fashion magazine and when I was younger I collected every magazine there was!

15. I can be an extremely shy person around people I don't know.

Outfit details: Jeans: Vintage Pepe Jeans | Shirt: H&M | Boots: Missguided | Belt: Penneys | Sunnies: Mannequin Avenue. | Necklace: Bow Pow Store

I got so many compliments on this look. My mom found her 35+ year old Pepe Jeans in her wardrobe and kindly gave them to me. I am in love with them. And can we have a look at these gorgeous Sunglasses from Mannequin Avenue? These are the Kylies, I felt like such a boss wearing them, you can shop them here.

I also want to thank Lauren for making me look and feel fab, I can't wait to share my next look with you all! You can check out her Facebook and Instagram too. Her website is also under construction (I am dying to see it). I cannot recommend her enough she is such a talented photographer!

Hope you loved how strange I was as a child, but those memories make me smile every time. 
Chat soon dolls!



  1. Hahaha, this is just hilarious

  2. These pics are gorgeous and so are you, OMG! Hhahaha I love your imagination and your memories with you fam and friends, utter mad yokes ye are hahaha

    I studied Italian for the LC and it's something I would love to keep up in college when I attend this year. I'm so jealous that you're fluent and got to live there.

    Ama Addo / Albatroz & Co.


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