Wednesday 17 January 2018

Why I Love Blogging

Since beginning CiaraSwalsh almost 3 years ago, I've grown so much. I've done things I've never even dreamed of doing and I've met people who bring out the best in me. In the last year or so  I've found it hard to tell people I'm a "blogger" because the word has been tainted by lies and inauthentic content. However, never have I ever associated CiaraSwalsh with the bad side of blogging. Why? Because I know that I am true to my followers and to myself.

In my recent post about why 2018 will be my year, I talk about how I want to begin monetising CiaraSwalsh. I can see potential for my blog but I need the money to pump into it and make it more professional. I didn't begin blogging with the intention of making money, I actually never knew you could, but as I have grown throughout the years and loved it more and more every day, I can see myself making money off of it in the future.

I never want to associate myself with the dirty area of blogging where people don't disclose whether it's a paid advertisement, or if I got something for free. I'll always be 100% honest with my readers; and I have been since day 1. Like I've said before, I have only made €40 off CiaraSwalsh and it was about 2 years ago at this stage. Apart from that €40, I only produce content where I have pumped my savings or wages into; because I love what I do and I love spending my own money for content for my blog.

A few days ago on snapchat (ciaraswalsh1) I gave you a small insight into the emails I get. I received an email asking me to try a fit tea, which I know is a laxative and something I would never recommend to my readers. I would never reccommed anything that could possibly harm my readers.  So I deleted the email then and there. I get 90% emails like this, where I either turn them down, or simply delete. These emails also include payment but I decline, why? Because I care for my readers, and it has nothing to do with what CiaraSwalsh is all about. I wouldn't be where I am today without my readers so trying to make a fast buck on sharing ridiculous content is not what I believe in.

Don't forget that I follow other bloggers too, I am said reader to other bloggers and I know I would be annoyed if my favourite blogger was untrue to him/herself and sly to their followers. I wouldn't think twice and hit 'unfollow'. I've actually done it before to a blogger I really looked up to, I had a bad experience with them so I unfollowed and never looked back, having them on my feed would have been annoying and filled me with negativity so if you are experiencing the same thing, I suggest to unfollow them.

Anyways, let's get onto the point of why I love blogging. Apart from all the drama recently, which I am just not taking any notice of -no negativity for me please- I love blogging. I am a creative person, I've always been creative, so using my creativity into my own little area on the net makes me so happy. I've also loved fashion from as long as I can remember (travel too) and being able to produce content that I believe is of a good standard for you is just a dream.

Like I said earlier, I have gotten to do things that I never knew was possible, I've gotten asked to stay in a hotel to review it, I've worked with brands such as Benefit, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing to name but a few and I've gone to events and met incredible people (more on that soon). That day in my sitting room when I clicked live on  I never knew any of that would have ever been possible. But look at me almost 3 years later and I've accomplished so much.

For me blogging is my life, when I sit down and talk with like minded people I can't stop talking. It's when I'm motivated the most. I've met an amazing bunch of genuine people through blogging and I would be lost without them in this industry. To me they are my friends -I'm looking at you Clóda, Shona, Ailbhe and Michelle), we are from different parts of Ireland but when we meet it's just an explosion of creativity and motivation. Recently we all met up in Galway and talked about our lives outside of blogging (I promise they do exist) and our lives of blogging, we shot our looks (which is today's outfit look shot by the gorgeous Orange Obviously) and we just shot so much content for our Instagrams, Blogs and YouTube! Those girls are always there if I've ever had any problems, whether it be personal problems or problems with the blog, they're always there and I love them so much for that. If I never clicked live that day I would have never met them!

I love blogging as it can give people a platform to talk about serious issues, not just about fashion or travel. For me I want to always continue raising awareness for Scoliosis, a condition I and many more people have. As I continue to grow my message will continue to spread, and that's everything to do with Scoliosis, what it is, the effects of it on the body and mind, the operation involved, the aftermath of the procedure, how common it is, how to diagnose it etc. So I'll just repeat again, if you have any young children at home, or teenagers, or even a grown adult, get screened for Scoliosis at your local GP. Make sure children and teens go once a year to get checked. Read my story here and here. I also have a whole series about it touching on various stories from very inspiring people.

I don't watch TV anymore, I only watch Netflix or I am on my phone, scrolling endlessly. I love scrolling through gorgeous Instagram feeds because for me, looking at the creativity of others motivates me so much for my own blog and content. I know each to their own and some people don't like perfectly curated images, but I do because I look at the art, work and thought behind them. I would much prefer looking for inspiration from other bloggers, looking at their insta/snap stories or even their vlogs than watch TV, it's what interests me a lot. So although I blog and may have the potential to "influence" a handful of people, I too am "influenced" by other bloggers. So don't think I'm not, I too am human!

Blazer:Penneys|Top:(actually a dress)Pretty Little Thing|Skirt:River Island|Bag:Penneys| Boots:Zara|

It hasn't happened to me a lot but on a handful of times some of you guys have approached me to tell me they love my blog, the most recent was a lovely girl called Michelle just outside Penneys in Galway at Christmas. I was caught off guard -as this very rarely happens to me- and I was left with the biggest smile on my face, so Michelle if you're reading this, you really made my day that day. Hearing positive feedback like that just amazes me thinking that people actually see my content and that I must be doing something right!

In all, blogging just brings joy to my life. I'm always thinking how I can improve the content I show you guys, what I can invest in for my blog e.g. trips, clothes, photography equipment, makeup, you name it. I am working on always getting better and looking more into the future of CiaraSwalsh.
Blogging gives me an outlet to show the world my creativity, it has given me friends I can genuinely say will be for life and it has also given me a platform to talk about serious issues. So I just want to say to those of you who read my posts, thank you for following me, whether you're new or have been here for the past few years, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sending you all massive hugs!


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