Friday 2 February 2018

Everything I Loved In January

Well, hello hello, it's been a while since I've reviewed some bits for you. Today it's not just beauty and make up, I've also some accessories thrown in there too. There's a combination of old and new bits so let's get straight into it! *Note: if you don't want to read this post I also have a YouTube video you can watch with a nice hot cuppa below*


Accessories, in my opinion, are something essential to spruce up any outfit. This month I've been loving three diverse types of accessories, a handbag, a cardholder and a watch.

Zara, zara, zara, a word sweet to my ears. Zara is probably my favourite shop, and unfortunately it's almost impossible to get to the one in Catania unless you've a car, yep no busses go! So fortunately Zara is in Rome, and I am often in Rome! I got this bag when I came back from Ireland, I had been eyeing up this bag for about two months on the Zara website, why? Because it's a belt bag AND a crossbody bag for only €30! Plus it's really my style. I've yet to get some shots with it styled as a belt bag but crossbody is certainly amazing. It comes with both straps and better yet, you can use your own belts for it too so you can even wear it on your jeans. Massive thumbs up from me! Shop it here.

This watch is one of my prized possessions, Davide got it for me for my graduation. When I worked in Willow during the summer, we sold Cluse watches so I had my eyes on them for months. So when Davide surprised me with one I was over the moon. I wear it every day! I have another watch that I never wear because it has a leather strap, which for me personally just doesn't look nice on me. This Cluse watch is just so elegant. Another good thing about Cluse watches is the price, this one is €99.95 whereas the leather strap ones are €89.95. A steal! You can shop this one here.

Next up is the newest edition to the family, my new Burberry Card Holder! If you're a follower of mine you'll know that my bag with my phone and cardholder were stolen in November, so I had nothing to carry my money/cards in. I got this for Christmas and seeing it there in the packaging just made my jaw drop! It's safe to say I fell in love with it immediately. I hate wallets, I can only use cardholders, I hate receipts, or any bulkiness of sorts. So all I can say is to get yourself one, even one for a night out, they're so handy and you can walk around more freely with one! Shop it here.

Skin Care

Dublin Herbalists got into contact with me at the beginning of December asking me if I would like to try any of their products. After researching into their brand I knew I had to as their products are natural, and I love me some natural products! So they sent me this Hydrating Face Serum along with some sample products. I was delighted when this serum came, because at the time my skin was flaking as it was so dehydrated. This happens to me every winter; cold mixed with indoor heating is just a recipe for dry, dehydrated skin. This serum has natural moisturising properties due to the Argan and jojoba oils present. Within two weeks of testing this product, I noticed a massive improvement with the condition of my skin. This product is also suitable for vegans. Shop it here.

Skincare is something important for me, having battled with acne throughout my adolescence, and up into my 20's, I really believe in investing in skincare. Although I am on the pill for my acne problem, which has helped so much, it still didn't get rid of the extent of my problem. About two years ago, my mother came home one day from the chemist and she had brought home a new moisturiser for me, which is this one the Moogoo Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser. I have used it twice a day since buying it. I will never forget a few months back, I ran out of it and within one week of not using it I broke out like crazy. I had about five spots at the one time. Using this product, it's very rare for me to get a spot. I 100% recommend this product, as it's my saving grace, I need to top up as I know it's running out. Shop it here, or in many pharmacies nation wide.

Sticking to the topic of skincare, this was one of the sample products Dublin Herbalists sent to me, it's the Galen Cold Cream, it's a cleanser and makeup remover with an oily consistency. Massage it into your skin and with a hot cloth place it over the face for a minute before wiping it away. Rinse under warm water and repeat. It includes humectant almond oil which strips the makeup without stripping the skins natural oils. I love this product so much and a little goes a long way. Shop it here.

Hair Care

People always ask me what I use in my hair as it always looks healthy. Well to be 100% honest the only thing I do is use this hair oil from Easilocks. I got it at an event about two years ago and I've used it every day since. I still have about 4 inches left of product and after 2 years I've just about managed to use over half of it. So a little goes a long way. It's full of good oils for your hair, it's a heat protector and it can be used on extensions (which I don't have) and normal hair. It indicates to use one pump however I use three after the shower and I spread it into the ends of my hair, avoiding the scalp area. I know for a fact I would die without this, and for a bonus positive, it smells amazing! Shop it here.

Make Up

Let's move onto brows. Brows are so important and really gives character to your face. I recently bought this brow pencil from Mac during the Christmas as I was getting sick of my Penneys one. It was too soft for me and I had to top it almost every day. It was getting tiring so I decided to invest in one. I was going to go for Benefit as I love their brow products but I decided to try something new so I got this Mac Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe. I got away without topping it for a whole month! I love it and it comes with a spoolie at the end. Shop it here.

This palette is my dream palette (and it's well loved as you can see from the photos). It's the Be... By Bubz Beauty palette with BH cosmetics. I am a massive fan of Lindy Tsang, I've been watching her YouTube religiously for about 10 years now. So when she brought this out I knew I had to get it. Before I managed to get it I came home one day to my mom having bought one for me and one for my sister! I almost died with excitement. It's definitely my favourite palette and it's just so cheap. Shop it here.

Next up is this contour and highlight palette from NYX Cosmetics. A PR company sent it to me and my god am I happy they did. I use this everyday. I use to use the Zoeva contour and highlight palette but the highlight was too yellow for my skin colour, whereas this palette gets my skin perfectly. Something I find ingenious about this palette is that you can refill the powders so if you run out you don't have to go buy the palette again! Shop it here.

Last but not least is this lipstick by Urban Decay. My gorgeous friend Clóda bought it for me, such a thoughtful present and she got my colour just perfect. It's called 'backseat' and it's very creamy! I absolutely love it and they're not as expensive as Mac lippies which is a bonus! Shop it here.




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