Thursday 21 July 2016

How to live a more Positive Life.


Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results. 
-Willie Nelson


It's so easy to get yourself into a negative rut.
I have many a time, but each time I have gotten myself out of it and learned from each experience. 
Negativity never does any good for a person, but positivity does wonders. 
Here is a list to kick negativity in the ass!

1. Organisation

I am naturally a very organised person, I have a diary and I write every detail of my life in it so I won't forget anything, I write lists upon lists even lists about lists so I can tick them off as I go on. For me organisation is key to feeling more positive and less stressed in my daily life.
Negativity breeds negative outcomes, negative outcomes brings stress and stress is the danger zone.
Keep a journal/agenda, September is coming up so it's the perfect opportunity to start one, I am so excited to buy one! The feeling of accomplishment I get when I can tick off a goal I have written down in my diary is incredible, I never miss an appointment, I never forget things, I am always on top of the game. So get organising!!
(The Dotty Lemon do amazing agendas also My Shining Armour

2. Clean Space = Clean mind

Having a clean environment can do wonders for your mind. I know if I came home from a stressful day at work/college to a filthy house it would prolungate my stress, bringing the negativity into my home. So when you cook for yourself, clean up after yourself, when you try to find an outfit to wear, put the clothes back into your wardrobe. It's the little things that you can do do keep the negativity out. I know when i'm in a clean space my mind is always more clear and I can always get more productive with my work, which leads to accomplishments, thus positivity!
So start that over due spring clean!

3. Meditation

One thing I love to do before going to sleep is meditate, if I am stressing out over an exam or other stressful events I hate going to bed with it on my mind, this leads to unnecessary over thinking which leads to more negative stress. When I feel it all gets too much I open my Calm App and I listen to the tapes they have, my favourite settings are the beach waves and the rain sounds. Believe me you have to download it, it has calmed me down when my mind needed it. I love the control it gives me to be positive.

4. Diet

Diet is a very important role in how your mind works, trust me. For example I can't have coffee as it would trigger a panic attack, so I stick to decaf if I ever get one. I find if I get side tracked from eating healthy I feel very sluggish, demotivated, and lazy which leads to stress as you are not accomplishing daily goals, big or small. I have restricted my bread intake, I basically eat no bread, I don't have dairy unless it's an occasional ice cream, and I eat a lot more fruit and veg. Between that I balance my meat intake. I refuse to eat sugar although I crave it so much recently (must resist!).
Sugar is the worst demotivating food you could take so throw it away now! Plus it gives you wrinkles, ew! Eat healthy and you will feel so energetic and motivated!

5. Exercise

Just like having a healthy diet exercise is a great way of releasing endorphins (the happy hormone) which makes you positive and motivated. It really eliminates negativity from your life. Whether its going to the gym, going out for a run or doing at home workouts with Blogilates or The Body Coach you will be sure to feel energised and a whole lot of positivity, 

6. Gratitude journal

Just like an agenda I also keep a gratitude journal. Every day I write all the positive things that happened that day, whether it's "Mom made me a cup of tea today while I was studying" or "I won a competition!" these pieces of positivity will help you on down days as you can read back on the great days. It also helps you to find the positivity in bad days. I find it helps immensely!

7. Say Yes

Last but not least is the magic word of yes, this word can open up so many possibilities and opportunities for you which could benefit your friendships, your work and your daily life. Saying no to lunch with a friend because you have a lot of work to catch up on or study to do can be ok, but if you feel like you actually can't see anybody and continue to say no really restricts you from having down time and working on your relationships. This can cause negativity to grow, say yes to small things, a lunch won't make you fail an exam. This is the same for everything if you continue to say no to invitations it will make you believe that you don't deserve to have fun or have down time which will lead to a lot of stress. Go out and say yes! You never know what you might see or who you might meet. 

Hope these little tips helps! 

Chat soon,


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