Sunday 7 August 2016

South of Italy: GALLIPOLI

I am home after an amazing getaway in the South of Italy in the beautiful city of Gallipoli. You guys know how much I love travelling all around Italy and because it's such a diverse country there was no need to book a flight abroad when Italy has everything to offer.

Compared to my usual travels, this time we really just relaxed at the beach, it was well needed after our exams.

Gallipoli is in the region of Puglia, if you don't know where that is, it's in the heel of the boot of Italy.
We ended up driving there because due to the fact that we booked last minute all the trains were extremely expensive. So from Rome we set off on a 7 hour drive!
I would love to return to Puglia because there is a beautiful city there called Alberobello, Google it you will be amazed!!

I had researched beaches before going, Gallipoli is famous for it's Samsara Beach which is the disco beach, now I wasn't up for parting for the whole week so I found Zeus Beach which was a mix of relax and good upbeat music. The water in this area of Italy is incredible, I've never seen water so crystal clear and blue in my whole life (I've yet to go to the Maldives, but this was absolute bliss).
Zeus beach is all white (the dream haha!)
The only thing I found annoying was even though you pay money every day to rent your area to sunbathe (which is expected), you're also expected to pay a separate fee for the shower, 50c for a minutes shower. I know it doesn't break the bank but why not include it into the average renting fee??

On our last day at the beach we rented a type of bed which is put far out into the sea for you and your partner/friends to relax on. This service also attracted me to Zeus beach when I did my research. €20 in total for an hours relaxation was great value!

Upon arriving to Gallipoli, we decided we would cycle to the beach everyday because the best beaches were 4km from where we were staying in the centre. Never had I imagined the views we saw as we cycled to the beach each day. If you follow me on Snapchat: CiaraSwalsh you would have seen just how incredible it was. Best thing about cycling? My bike was PINK! And for €30 for the whole week it was a steal.

Top and Shorts: H&M

Bikini 1: Stall at the beach
Bikini 2: Top: Primark Bottoms: Wikini

 At night we went into the centre, the amazing thing about Gallipoli is that it has a historical centre, since the creation of the this another main area of Gallipoli grew up around that and that's where we had our apartment. Really just a ten minute walk from the historical centre and a 2 minute walk from the lungomare (Sea promenade). The historical centre is connected to the main land by a bridge so technically Gallipoli is in the water! Another thing I love about Gallipoli is the fact its split into two sections; the party section where all the famous DJ's come to play (we went to Gigi D'Agostino, and Steve Aoki and Skrillex are set to come) and the relaxed cultural part where you would find the historical centre. So if you want to party one night, you can, and if you want a relaxing evening, it's also possible!

Playsuit: Spanish Market last year
Shoes: Primark 3/4 years old
Bag: Italian Leather Shop

Maxi dress: Primark
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Primark

When we arrived Gallipoli was in the middle of celebrating their Patron Saint so for the whole weekend along Corsa Roma (the main street) there were stalls selling numerous objects, clothes and food. I just love seeing life in a city and people coming together for the same reason.

That's all I can fit into this post, keep an eye out for my next post on Gallipoli where I go into more depth on what we got up to, including a huuuuuge mishap that you will never believe happened to us, and of course more outfits to come!


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