Wednesday 13 July 2016

Tips on Tanning This Summer.

Photo taken in Fregene Beach near Rome

Getting that perfect sun-kissed tan is everyone's dream, but what most of you don't know is that you are probably tanning wrong. I have compiled a list of tricks to accomplish a great summer glow.


Here are some statements I hear every summer:
"Why should I put on factor 50? I won't get a tan with that!"
"I'll put on sun cream after I get a good tan going"
"No I don't like putting on after-sun when I'm done tanning, I'm not even burnt"
"Only losers wear sun cream"

Factor 50!!

The reason for factor 50 is to begin your tanning process. You cannot start tanning with factor 20/factor 30 when your skin is not used to taking large amounts of sun. If you are Irish like me you need to be so careful with what factor you put on. Don't put on 30 just because you see the Spanish or Italians putting on 30. They have completely different skin tone to you and they're more accustomed to the sun! You will burn if you start tanning on a low SPF and it will ruin your holiday. 

Stick with it or Change.

After using SPF 50 for 3 or 4 days and you have noticed a huge difference in the colour of your skin you know that your skin is becoming accustomed to the sun. At this stage I would change to factor 30. I would apply a generous amount of this cream too because you need to be careful. I would recommend the L'Oreal Paris Sublime Sun in factor 30, it's a spray on cream so it's perfect for applying! I've noticed that boots don't stock it yet so I've linked alternatives below. But if you have extremely pale skin just stay with 50.

 Photo taken in Riccione Beach.

12 o'clock danger o'clock.

Midday until about 3pm is the danger zone where the sun is  the strongest and you are more likely to burn in these hours than any other. If you want to be safe I recommend going to the beach/pool early in the morning, go for lunch around 1pm and after lunch stay under the umbrella until you have digested your food (also because you can't swim after eating). So if you need a cool down I suggest going into the water before you eat.

Top Up!

You should always top up after being in the water. I know some companies state that their products are waterproof but who is ever sure? Top up just to be safe. I usually put on my cream before sunbathing (obvious) then go for a dip in the water for a while, then I go to eat, I come back after lunch for a nap under the umbrella then after I reapply before tanning again! And yes like I said before you will get an amazing tan even with sun cream on! 


If you decide to wear makeup while sun bathing (I don't particularly like it as I literally sweat in the heat) make sure you put on SPF before your makeup! I know you can also get an SPF spray that you can apply to your face after your makeup is applied. If you're like me and you don't like the feeling of makeup while you tan, lather on factor 50. I'd prefer to keep my face out of the sun a lot to prevent early signs of ageing.

Fruit and Hydration.

It is said that a high consumption of fruit during the summer can aid in developing a tan. Don't quote me on this but Italians have told me this, I believe it because they're tanning gods! It is also essential to keep hydrated while sunbathing, you could get heat stroke, terrible headaches and feel down right horrible if you become dehydrated. Always bring a bottle of water with you!

After Sun is your Best Friend.

Apply after-sun when you get back home and after you have showered. Even if you didn't burn your skin is screaming for moisture as it was exposed to the sun all day. Keeping your skin moisturised maintains that fab tan too! If you burn, lather it on everywhere!! 

Advised Suncream: SPF 50 and SPF 30
Advised Aftersun

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