Thursday 7 July 2016

Venezia with my sister!

Helloooo everyone,

I have been travelling a lot since we last spoke. I finished my exams 2 weeks ago and since then I've been very occupied! My sister Ráichéal came to visit me for 12 days, she went home today and now I'm getting ready for my trip to Rome tomorrow. I know, when do I stop? 

It was my goal to bring Ráichéal to Venice, it's definitely an Italian city that you have to see at least once in your life. I visited this magical city in November with Davide so I was just as excited to see it in Summer time. Both of us fell in love with the city. The fact you get the water but into the centre is just as good as a tour. Unfortunately gondolas cost a fortune €80-120 but we were just as happy with the bus!

Finding good restaurants in Venice is actually quite hard because it's such a touristic city meaning it's full of touristic restaurants (crap food). We resulted in going to one because trying to find a decent restaurant was just impossible. 

One of the things you must do in Venice is wander. We got lost so many times and stumbled upon such picturesque sites as you will see below. 

Something you must prepare yourself for is walking, you walk everywhere, taxi's cost a bomb because they're boats. There is no on-land buses, cars, taxi's etc.

Don't worry if you fear about visiting Venice and you don't have any knowledge of the Italian language, English is spoken almost 80% of the time there due to the fact it's so touristic.

Below I have 8 must see places in Venice.

 Il Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs)
 Playsuit and Sandals: Primark
Bag: Italian Leather shop
Sunnies: No brand
 Piazza San Marco with Basilica San Marco and Il Campanile

Here is a List of Places you MUST see in Venice:
1. Palazzo Ducale 
2. Basilica San Marco
3. Piazza San Marco
4. Il Ponte di Rialto
5. Il Campanile 
6. Teatro La Fenice
7. Grand Canal
8. The islands of Murano (for it's famous glass) and Burano (for the colourful houses)

Watch out for a video I made on this trip, I'm going to start vlogging my trips more often! 

During Ráichéal's time here we also visited Rome and went to the beach twice. Between that we spent some time with my friends in which most of them have now left Bologna. </3

Chat soon,


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