Wednesday 4 April 2018

Life Update - A&E and My Time At Home.

I came home to Ireland over the Easter break. I had originally planned on going on a trip somewhere like to Amsterdam or some city in Germany, but as something came up I just said I would go home. I thought to myself, I hadn't been home for three months so now is the perfect time! Otherwise the next time I would be home would be mid July probably!
I actually missed being home, and as it was St. Patrick's Day a few weeks ago my longing for the Emerald Isle was at an all time high. I also think I've eaten too much pasta and my cravings for a roast dinner and proper mashed potato were insane. So I made a stop over in Rome on the way to Ireland to see Davide for a day which was very nice too.

I really only had four days home, three of which were spent cleaning and organising my sisters 18th birthday party, so I said my final day had to be dedicated to seeing more of Galway and of course, Penneys! I am literally dying in Sicily without my beloved Penneys so I needed to stock up.

Being home also gave me the chance to see one of my best friends! This really made my whole trip as with me being here and him living in Dublin, it's quite hard to see each other. But, we have organised for him to come visit me in Italy in the next 2 months!

The school I'm teaching in only have 6 days for their Easter Holidays, unlike here in Ireland where everyone has 2 weeks (dream!!), I wish Italy got two weeks. So really, it was a very fast visit here before I started back teaching. So I'm back now and I spent my first day back in A&E, not really my ideal first day back, don't worry I'm completely fine. It's actually a funny story now that I think about it and experiencing a Sicilian A&E was definitely different to that of Ireland.

Picture this: sitting in my room, getting ready for work at 6am absolutely wrecked as I got back to Catania at 10pm the night before. I went about my morning as I normally do and I sit down to put on my makeup. When it got to eyeliner that's where it all went downhill. A piece of something went into my eye, which sent me into a frenzy trying to get this out of my red bloodshot eye, tears streaming, and unbearable pain. I was like this for the guts of 15/20 minutes wondering would this hell finish, and by the way at this point I had already missed my bus to school.

Ok Ciara, you have to go to a doctor to explain why you're not at work, I thought to myself. But what's that? I've no credit on my phone to make any calls? I send 1000 messages to my boyfriend, who was still sleeping, to call me a doctor. At this point it's 7:30am so I said I would go back to bed and rest until I hear from my him.

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After about an hour I google nearby doctors and I actually walk to one to find out they aren't there anymore. I go back to my apartment and my boyfriend FINALLY calls me. I tell him that I need a doctor now my eye is throbbing. So he calls my doorman as he would know what to do -note he wasn't downstairs that's why my boyfriend called-
My doorman came down immediately and I knew I was in good hands. He's the kindest person I know and so lucky to have him here, he's like a dad away from home. He knew an A&E for eyes as he brought his daughter last week (yes I know I'm also amazed there's an A&E just for eyes). He tells me, "Ok you can go on my motorbike but I'll call one of my friends to bring you." I thought, what!? a motorbike?  His friend then shows up, we go to the bike, my doorman puts a helmet on my head and puts me on his motorbike with this late 20's/early 30's stranger! (He seemed lovely though). Meanwhile my eye was slowly dying a slow death. Another guy comes and I'm just standing there holding my eye while three Sicilian guys talk about the A&E "It's the second floor! Walk her to the reception and she can come back alone". It was like a perfectly curated mission.

Off I go on this motorbike with this random Sicilian guy all around Catania until we get to the eye A&E . He brings me upstairs, I check in or whatever you say and after only 30 minutes I was called. In Ireland I would have waited 5 hours! So after all this suspense building up, turns out I scratched my eye and I'm on antibiotics for 5 days.

All this before 10:30am.
How was your Wednesday?

P.S I'm totally fine, at least I ticked something off my bucket list, get a ride on a motorbike 😂

Thanks to my insanely talented sister for the photos!



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