Sunday 18 March 2018

The Best Gift Idea For Anyone

It's not normal for me to dedicate a whole post to a particular brand, however I knew I had to when I got these products in the post and saw the incredible quality of them.

Before we start, I want to state that this is not an ad, Tunetoo kindly gifted me these three products, and I was allowed to personalise them however I wanted. I did not know how good the quality was before receiving them, and after checking them out I knew this needed a post to itself.

What can I get personalised?

Tunetoo allows you to personalise an arrange of objects, from t-shirts, to bathrobes, aprons, bomber jackets, and coats. You can also personalise some pieces for babies like bibs and a baby bodysuit. You can personalise an arrange of accessories like beanies, towels, bags and caps. Finally you can personalise gifts, such as, mugs, cushions, phone cases, plush toys, teddy bears, blankets and so on. The list is almost endless!

How does it work?

As Tunetoo is a French company they allow French artists play a large role in the designs you can put on your chosen object. The website have an endless list of designs and slogans to choose from. However if you want to be a little more creative you can also upload your own photo and get it printed onto your chosen object.

In my case I chose two cushions to personalise. I decided to really put the brand to the test to see if I could get great quality suede cushions with the print of my choice. I searched online for two stunning prints that would go well with my room. The photo must be of good quality or it wont come out well on the piece (they inform you if it's high quality or not).

Tunetoo allows you to put your own text on a chosen object so I decided to go for a simple plain white tee and get CiaraSwalsh embroidered on it. I chose the font and the colour too.

What's the quality like?

When choosing your product, you can alter its style, for example, with regards the cushions I got made, I could choose between a suede and and synthetic material. I chose suede as I knew it would be lovely and soft. In terms of t-shirts, you can alter the neck line, the sleeve length, the colour and more. As I chose two of my own photos to be printed on the cushions, I presumed they would come out with a different texture to the suede. However, when the cushions came, the pictures I had chosen came out in suede! Yes suede! I don't know how they did it, but when people ask me about these cushions, they're amazed that I personalised them. I've never seen quality like it. 

In terms of my t-shirt, I selected to get my writing in embroidery, as I knew if the font was ironed on it would come off in the wash like most cheap t-shirts you find nowadays. I love how they had the option for embroidery and I know my CiaraSwalsh will never come off!


Tunetoo's pricing is actually quite reasonable, you definitely get what you pay for as the quality is top notch. Everything is made in Bordeaux in France, which I love because you can tell everything is made with care. Mugs range from €10, Phone cases from €14.50 and t-shirts ranging from €17. 

This brand is perfect if you have an idea of something you want, as they can make that come alive for you. If you see something stunning on Pintrest, you can get that made for you; just like what I did with the products I chose. I just love this brands whole concept.

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