Tuesday 13 March 2018

6 Tips On Beating "Bad Days".

Everyone has bad days, they're part of being human. I for one get plenty of bad days, you wake up in the morning from the sound of your dreaded alarm clock and you drag yourself out of bed. You feel like there's a black cloud hovering over you, and the last thing you want to do is speak to someone. Or maybe you're late to work/school/college, you miss your bus, you fight with your siblings/parents/partner, you spill your coffee on your new shirt, etc. It is the start to a typical "bad" day.

But when your day starts like this, how can you change it into a good day? How do you shake the feeling of wanting to crawl back into bed and shut the world out? What if your bad day continues to failing a very important exam or being screamed at by your boss? How can the day possibly get any better? Well, I have come up with some fool proof steps to help you get out of feeling blue and getting you back on track and in a good mood.

1. Analyse the Situation

You may have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed today and you're just not feeling it today. You may not know what is truly the issue at hand, all you know is that you feel crappy and you just want to be home tucked up in bed. You may not even want to feel happy, you might just want to sulk, well if you genuinely want to turn your sh*tty day into a great one, you need to first analyse why you are feeling like this, and then make an agreement to yourself that you want to get out of this terrible mood. 

Sometimes I get into a terrible mood when I'm doing the same thing for too long, or if I haven't been paid on time, if a collaboration is cancelled, if I had a fight with a loved one, etc. If I wake up in a bad mood and I don't know why, I have to really analyse why I'm like this, sometimes it's because I have too much of a routine and I need change, I need to "spice things up a little" every now and again. So analyse your situation and ask yourself why you're in a bad mood.

2. Organise Yourself

There's nothing worse then being in a bad mood and stressed before going to work/school/college and you forget something important you needed for that day; whether it  be a book you needed for an exam, your bag with all your work necessities or just your lunch. It can have a massive impact on your day, so starting off feeling stressed and in a bad mood will make you forgetful. So my tip and I stand strongly by this tip, is to get organised!! I have a journal for everything and several notebooks to organise different aspects of my life. I write everything down that I have to do, whether it be big or small. I organise my outfits for the following day so I save time before going to work, I make sure my bag and lunch are packed so I don't forget anything the following day. Keep on top of things and you wont feel like you're drowning in stress. It'll make your days run more smooth,

3. Vent

There's nothing like a good vent to one of your best friends, Mom, or partner. I swear, I'm surprised my friends, family or boyfriend haven't killed me with the amount of times I've burnt their ears off as I vent to them. It really helps and it's like a stress relief. You always feel better after talking to someone and getting everything off your chest. If you're having a rough day, speak to someone they will always cheer you up.

4. Treat Yo'Self

This is something I swear by. A little bit of retail therapy always lifts my mood. Sometimes after work I would pop into Mango and H&M and even if I don't buy anything, just by trying on clothes can lift my mood. As well as this, I always buy myself a little bit of chocolate as a small treat if I'm having a bad day. Small things like that really raise my mood. So go treat yourself to a takeaway this evening, or head into town and buy those shoes you wanted. I promise you'll feel the TLC.

5. Do Something for Someone Else

Random acts of kindness are what make the world go round, so how about doing something nice for someone today, whether it be for someone you know, or a stranger on the street. You'll feel delighted with yourself after having helped alter someone's day for the better. Who knows, maybe by doing a random act of kindness you too can help someone beat the blues. Maybe you too will get some good karma, sending a random kind act your way!

6. Do Something for You

Sometimes, you really need a massive pick me up, like dedicating your evening to watching your favourite Netflix series, or by visiting your favourite place to think and relax (like the beach or the country side), you should even try to book a weekend away to recharge those batteries. Maybe all you needed was a fresh start and some time to yourself to think about nothing for a while.

Promise me this evening you'll look into doing something for yourself, whether it be watching 4 episodes of something on Netflix, or booking a trip to visit your best friend in London! Tonight I am going to binge watch some Netflix and I cannot wait. I also booked flights home for Easter because I needed to get out of Catania for a while and breathe some fresh Irish air.


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  1. I really loved this post! Your right everyone has bad days and its so important to be kind to yourself on those days. Your outfit is so beautiful, Perfect for spring :) x https://simplyrachx.blogspot.ie


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