Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I Cut 8" Off My Hair! - Ella West.

A few months ago I entered a competition for a curly blow dry in a new hairdressers opening up in Galway, Ella West, and I won! So I used this as an opportunity to get my hair done for the Galway rose and it was such a hit. This is when I knew I found a hairdressers I could trust. Ella West are in the heart of Galway city, just off shop street, on middle street which made it very easy to access!

I then attended their grand opening where we heard the story of Ella West and made me love the team even more. I thought to myself, I want this place to succeed as the owner and staff are so kind and genuine and of course so talented! My sister then booked herself in to get her hair styled for her debs which turned out exactly as she wanted. Ye may have seen some snaps on my Insta Stories or Snapchat (both CiaraSwalsh)

So as I am moving to Italy in only a few short days, I knew I had to get my hair done! I hadn't got it done since late December last year! I intended on taking about 5" off my hair but when it came to it, I ended up cutting 8" off! Clodagh did a fantastic job of my hair, my God she is talented! Ella West use non bleach colourings from a brand called Keune meaning when I go over to Italy the sun wont affect the colour! Normal dyes that have bleach in it would turn hair yellowish in the sun, so at least my balyage is here to stay! Below I have before and after shots!

From the photos, my hair was clearly down to the top of my bum, how in the world did I let it get that long 😂 and now it is just over my bra strap. I am in LOVE with it and with the speed my hair grows it was definitely possible to cut a good 8" off.

Check out Ella West's Facebook and Instagram for more information and you can make a booking by calling 091729786. You can also check out my hairdressers (Clodagh's) Instagram here.

Photos: Michelle

*This post is not a collaboration.*


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