Saturday 16 September 2017

How to Pack for a Year Abroad

Tonight, I'll be jetting off for my second year abroad in Italy. Which means I have to pack my life into 30 kg worth of luggage, not a lot when you have a life to squeeze in there. Well I've come across a few tips after moving to and from countries and having to leave some stuff behind.

I'm really looking forward to this years adventure. This time in a completely new part of Italy, a part I've never been to! Other than this, after looking for countless hours on the internet I finally have my house sorted! It's very central too so I'm delighted. Next thing I have to do is pack! So today I'm giving you my tips on how to do just that.

1. Clean Your Room.

This may sound pointless but I'm serious, first things first, clean and de-clutter your room. Once you have that done you can think clearer and see your stuff better. Having a caotic room wont help so clean it up!

2. Look At What You're Not Bringing.

Process of elimination works wonders. Go into your wardrobe and make a pile of clothes, shoes, makeup, toiletries you will not be bringing with you. If you're tired of certain bits then just give them away to your siblings, sell them on Depop or just give them to charity. Once you have that out of the way then you have less to deal with.

3. Weather

Next is to see what kind of weather your chosen country has, e.g in Italy it's cold in winter and roasting in Summer so I would have to bring winter and summer clothes. As it's probably only one year I should only try to bring two coats to lessen the weight. I can definitely bring a lot more summer clothes with me, as like here in Ireland we don't really wear shorts everyday in our version of summer.

4. Rationalise

Obviously you won't be bringing five pairs of pyjamas or 10 pairs of jeans. You need to rationalise, divide everything into your favourite of each. Eg. favourite tops, jumpers, pants etc. put them into a pile and get rid of the other. You should really be trying to bring the bare minimum as realistically as you will be there for a year you can easily buy more things there. If you can't choose then look at the things you wore most in the last two months and put them on top of the list.

5. Vacuum Bags

This step is crucial and something I didn't do last year, yet I wish I did. Buy some vacuum bags, this way you can put the thickest things into them to allow for more space. I will be putting my bedding, towels, dressing gown, pyjamas and some jumpers into it, more space = more clothes. I would also advise to put this into your hand luggage, not your checked luggage as your hand luggage is not weighed so even if you are overweight, it's ok, you got to fit more!

6. Leave Your Homeware Pieces At Home 

Yes I know you're starting to think about decorating your new room and apartment by the gorgeous homeware pieces in Penneys, well as tempting as it seems, you simply don't have the space for it. Remember you can get all of that stuff when you've landed! There's no point trying to fit in a new clock, cacti and cushions when you have more important things to bring. 

7. Don't Forget Your Documentation

I know it goes without saying but believe me people can forget to check to see if their passports are still in date! Remember to have your visa too if you require one,  if you're going on Erasmus remember your documents for your college. Bring everything necessary so that if you get in trouble/ sick in said country you are okay with documents to help.


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