Sunday 10 September 2017

Change Is Good

When we hear the word change, we usually tense up thinking of how terrible it will be and how life right now is what you want. Well, for me change is what I need. There comes a point in someone's life where change is inevitable.
Like starting school or college for the first time . For me, I just finished college, something that terrifies nearly everybody at that age as we know that this change will mean something substantial in our lives. We are no longer comforted by returning to our classmates in September, we are now released into the world, just like doves being freed from a box.

It's our choice how we make the change, I knew I didn't want to return to college (for now anyways) I knew I had to go and do something that I knew would make me truly happy.

Change is good. We need it to grow, we need it to understand who we are, what we like, what we don't like, who we like and vice versa. As I said, change is inevitable, it's going to happen and sitting in your room afraid of it happening wont slow down the reality any longer.

I know many people who are in fact scared of change, scared of being pushed outside of your comfort zone, scared of what others' may think if you do something outside of said comfort zone. But the only way to grow is to throw yourself out there. You'll find by doing so change wont hit you as hard every time something new comes along.

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There are some aspects of change that we are never prepared for, like the death of a loved one, a break up, losing a friend, being fired from your job etc. But by going through some of these it will help you deal with what may happen in the future. You will always learn something from a change so drastic. You should always try to look at the positives in any situation instead of cursing at what happened. 

I like to look at it as a chapter in ones life. You can't tell me that what was happening in your life last year is the exact same as what is happening right now. For example last year I had just come home from what was the best year of my life, living in Italy, to having to go into final year of college, a change I found quite hard to adapt to but made me grow, and now look at me, I have passed final year and expected to graduate next month. I will also be moving back to Italy in just a weeks time! My next chapter is about to start and although I have no idea what it has in store for me, I know I am so ready for it!

Look at change as a good thing, even if it hits you in the face someday, remember to embrace it and look at how you can make that change benefit you.


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