Monday 17 April 2017

Why You Should Never Listen To Other People's Opinions.

Ok, realisation has hit and the fact I am finishing my final year exams in mid-may is becoming just too real. Every day the same question run's through my head- what next? What the hell am I supposed to do now? I've been in the education system for nineteen full years! 19! I kid you not! The education system is all I really know; that security blanket we all carry around with us. Now the 'adult' world is trying to rip that security blanket from my hands telling me I need to settle down now with an 'adult' job. And don't get me started with the statements of, "you will have to start thinking of buying a car and an apartment/house as you're "in the big bad world now"". I don't remember spending the last 19 years of my life learning about 'how to adult', so can you really blame be about feeling this way?

I know one thing for certain, my grasp for the Italian language is going to help me in more ways then I could ever imagine, I have full belief in that. I'll never forget when I was choosing my subjects in my first year of college after I chose to do a BA. I already knew I was going to study Psychology but when I threw the idea of possibly studying Italian people told me it would be the biggest mistake ever, but I knew deep down I was going to do it. Bare in mind this is the girl who got a D1 in her leaving cert French with grinds! So I could see where they were coming from. However, four years on and I can confidently say that my grasp of the Italian language is one step away from being of a native standard. I am very proud of that. Isn't there always that satisfying feeling of proving people wrong? If you want something badly you can have it and what did I do? I went out and did it. So in October I'll be graduating from NUI Galway with a BA International degree and to me it's a great achievement, it may not be a medicine degree but I can now speak another language and I know more about the human mind than most people! 

Anyways what am I getting at? What I am saying is, don't do what people tell you to do. Don't be so easily let down or let your dreams be pushed aside. I may be finished college but if you think I'm ready to go and settle down with the same job until I'm 65 you can go and think again. I believe I'm only starting the best years of my life. I intend to explore every option possible until there are no more options left. I don't want to know where I'll be in two years time. I have plans to definitely move back to Italy next year, I'd love to explore more about the graduate visa for America, I'd love to work and save money so I can go and teach English in Asia. I would even love to move to Australia for a year. I am only 22 years old. I am not ready to throw my life away yet. I want to continue developing and learning through experience. One thing I know for sure is to get more experience in the fashion industry which will help CiaraSwalsh immensely, you know I love shooting looks for you so that is also a dream of mine. 

Of course I will settle down someday, who knows maybe it'll be in Italy where I can practise my second language everyday and eat amazing food. I won't settle for a mundane job because I know the invaluable experience I will get throughout these next few years will be one heck of a CV and having this blog has already done me wonders. Dedication and hard work pays off just don't listen to other peoples' opinions on what you should be doing, listen to yourself on what you want to do.

I know it's very cliche, and that it's used too many times, but you only have one life, so get out and experience your world. 💜

If you came here for the outfit details, sorry that you had to scroll through all of that (not sorry 😁) anyways today's look was shot along the main river of Rome, the Tiber or il Tevere. This look was probably one of my favourites to date as I proudly styled some fabulous brands. These eye catching exaggerated destressed jeans are from an Irish online boutique famously known as Vavavoom, I was gifted these as well as the fishnet tights at there recent S/S '17 preview in Dublin last month. I styled them with my Missguided studded boots which unfortunately didn't make it by the end of the trip as the sole has started to come off (Not impressed Missguided), needless to say I'm devastated as they were just so lovely. I then paired the rest with a stripe H&M tank top and a Zara leather jacket. I saved the best until last, the cutest necklace from a new Irish online store called Bow Pow Store who specialise in the cutest, daintiest pieces of jewellery and makeup brushes. They kindly sent me two pieces, this silver heart necklace as well as their New York City landscape one in gold (which I'll be styling for you very soon), I am very impressed with these, I find myself wearing the heart necklace everyday. Admittedly I hate chunky necklaces unless it's amazing, I can only wear dainty ones. Comfort is everything for me. 

Chat soon,


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