Sunday 19 February 2017

My Experience at SeaBreeze Beauty Clinic, Oranmore

Last week the lovely ladies at SeaBreeze Beauty and Day Spa invited me in for a complimentary facial. I jumped at the chance as since attending their 16th birthday a few months ago, I knew just how professional these ladies are and how gorgeous SeaBreeze actually is. SeaBreeze is located in Oranmore Town Centre in Galway. 

For Christmas I was on the hunt for a present for my mother and I decided to buy her a voucher for SeaBreeze that would allow her get two massage treatments (she deserves it!) so we decided to go in on the same day and make it a mother daughter day! After hearing so many incredible things about Image Skincare I knew I would opt for something in that genre. I had a peel in mind but I knew I would leave it up to the professionals to analyse my skin.

When we got there the lovely owner Marcia brought Mom and I to the relaxation room which has a free supply of herbal teas and water. We were then called for our treatments, Ciara took care of me and told me that my skin is extremely dehydrated and very problematic. I've always suffered with acne so I was expecting that. 

One amazing thing that I never knew happened during an Image facial was that you get a back, neck and shoulder massage beforehand. During the session when I had a ten minute Image Ormedic Balancing Mask on, my arms and head were also massaged! I was in heaven.

After my facial I sat down with Ciara and asked her to go through what we did, I decided to record her so I could be 100% specific in this review:

"So we did the Image Purifying Treatment, so it's a Salicylic based facial, it's not too harsh, it's going to keep your skin hydrated while giving it a little bit of a clear out. We started off with a deep cleanse with the Image Clear Cell Cleanser, we then removed any surface oils with an Image Degreasing Solution. I then popped on the Image Clear Cell Medicated Acne Mask, it's a blend of glycolic and salicylic acid and I left that on for five minutes, this feels really active and really tingly so to keep your mind off it I massaged it in for a while and then took it off when the five minutes were over. We then did a little extraction around the nose and chin to see where I could squeeze out a few black heads. After we put on the Image Ormedic Balancing Mask for ten minutes to help hydrate and to settle down any redness. At the end I moisturised with the Image Clear Cell Restoring Oil Free Serum and the Image Clear Cell Mattefying Moisturiser and lastly the Image Matte SPF."

I left SeaBreeze feeling so rejuvenated, calm, and stress free. This was my first ever facial and I was in heaven the whole way through. Everything about SeaBreeze made my experience worthwhile, the facial was so relaxing, the ambience of the day spa is so calm, the team are all so lovely and make you feel relaxed before you even get started! I will definitely be returning.

As I spoke about Image Skincare, I would like to let you know what else they have on offer. They have CACI Non Surgical Facelift, Yonka Facials, Environ Treatments, Medical Micro-Needling, Massage treatments, VOYA Body treatments including body wraps and a Seaweed Bath, Maternity Massage, Manicures and Pedicures, Waxing, Brows including HD Brows, Electrolysis, Tanning, Male grooming treatments. and Makeup Application.

So it's now over a week since my facial, Ciara told me that if I do get a breakout it's completely normal as the salicylic acid was used to help all the problematic skin come through as it was all in the lower layers of my skin. I think I got one of two tiny spots which didn't annoy me, but one thing I did notice was how extremely flaky my skin got. So I exfoliated my skin and since then my skin has been feeling great and it hasn't been dry or flaky since. I was advised to use oil free products as using oily products will cause breakouts,

 Although my facial was gifted, every statement made is the truth. I would definitely return here and I would definitely recommend SeaBreeze to everybody. I realised how I wasn't taking care of my skin let alone my body. It made me realise that I should be availing of these services more often and I suggest you do too! 

If you would like to check out Seabreeze you can check their website out here. 
You can also get them on their Social medias : Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

*This post was based on my own views and opinions. I was not paid for this review, SeaBreeze kindly invited me in for a free facial*


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