Friday 23 December 2016

December Product Review

Boy you're in for a treat this month! As usual every month I try out new products, this month I tried new products from The Body Shop, Hello Day Planners, Jo Browne and Elave Skincare. I can't fault any of these products (thank god because finding products you hate is never fun).

I'm starting with this new planner I got from Hello Day, an English company who specialise in the most gorgeous planners/diaries. This planner starts on the first of January, I can't wait to start using it! I've already started writing in my trips for 2017! I love the detail of this planner, as you can see in some of the photos, there are some sayings in various pages which you can cut out, hang up and frame! Every day there is a section for "I am grateful for....", Your water intake, If you did exercise, If you prayed or meditated that day, your task for the week, a place to write in birthdays, a section for 10 minute accomplishments, your top 10 to do's, and a quote of the day! All that with space to write any other notes/ meetings etc. The planner I went for was Carrara because I am in love with marble. It's so chic and beautiful and looks gorgeous on your desk/at meetings. I showed you the diary I have been using for the past year on my Snapchat recently (CiaraSwalsh), and as you may have seen, I write my whole life in it. So I believe in investing in a good one if it's with you for a whole year! You should definitely check out their Instagram it's such goals! Note: every purchase made, a certain amount of money goes to charity!

 I recently received some products from The Body Shop by the lovely girls in Revolve, including this Chinese Ginseng and Rice exfoliating face mask. This is 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals. I use this twice a week, it's aim is to remove dullness and brighten up the skin while evening the skin tone. It is free from parabens, paraffin, silicone and mineral oil. I cleanse my skin before applying this mask, avoid the eye area and leave it on for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes wash it off with warm water making gentle circular motions to exfoliate the skin. I have definitely noticed my skin looking brighter. It has saved me after the stress of exams!
 Yes I changed moisturiser! My beloved one from Declare is sadly finished. I received this Elave Skincare moisturiser in a goodie-bag at BloggerConf and was very hesitant to try it as I never heard of the brand. I didn't like the smell at all when I first tried it. But after using it for a month I am completely converted! Elave Skincare is an Irish brand specialising in skincare products for babies but also have product lines for women and men. This moisturiser is for all skin types and it is oil free so it doesn't promote clogged pores. Includes natural prebiotics to help regulate the skins balance, Manuka Honey UMF 10+ (something my family have been using for years and believe 100% in it's benefits) which helps restore the skin barrier, Vitamins B5 and E, Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid giving extra hydration, reducing fine lines and imperfections. The reason I didn't like the smell is because it's free from perfume, soap, alcohol, sulfates, colours etc. which is far better for the skin! I'm now used to the smell so it doesn't bother me at all! It retails at €19.95 and you can also buy it from Meaghers Pharmacy.

Last but not least is something that has changed my outlook on perfumes forever! I also received this in the goodie-bag at BloggerConf (thank God I did). Jo Browne is another Irish company set up by Joanne Browne. Her perfumes are organically handmade using beeswax and essential oils so they don't have any harsh chemicals. I normally use Hypnotic Poison by Dior but I've run out and when I got this I fell in love with the smell! It's completely different to my signature perfume but I'm definitely converted. My boyfriend hated the smell of my Dior perfume (cry), and when he smelt this one he almost fainted with adoration (not joking he loved it so much!). I got the Lemongrass and Wild Jasmine one, otherwise known as Floral Note. I haven't smelt the rest so I can't judge them but this one is to die for. Application is a slow process compared to spray perfumes as you have to rub it on your skin. I have to do it for about a minute to get a nice strong smell; but that doesn't bother me. I rub it circles on each side of my neck and my wrists. There is a selection of both male and female perfumes. At only €18 it's a steal!

Merry Christmas Darling.

Chat soon,



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