Wednesday 7 December 2016

Buth Bheag Candle Co. #ad

If you know me well, you know I love love love candles! I reviewed candles for Buth Bheag Candle co. a few months ago, and I loved them, so when they contacted me again to collaborate I knew what was to come was going to be of excellent quality.

Buth Bheag Candle Co. is a hand poured soy candle company based off the coast of Scotland in the Isle of Harris. The beauty of Harris inspired the names of the scented candle range.
My favourite part about these candles (apart from the fabulous scents of course) is the fact they're made of soy. Soy candles are great for the environment and Buth Bheag Candle Co. ensured in this before starting their business. Soy beans are a renewal source and they are 100% natural.The wax from the candles is also bio-degradable. Another great thing about using soy? It has amazing fragrance holding properties so there is no need to worry about the scent fading.
"Soy wax also gives a cleaner longer lasting burn than its paraffin equivalents. This is because paraffin is made from crude oil, so when it burns it produces soot that can blacken walls as well as releasing toxic carcinogens in to the air. The only thing we add to the natural wax is high quality fragrance oil."
When I worked with Buth Bheag a few months ago this is when I learnt about how we have to be careful when choosing our candles. I had never known about paraffin in candles which emit toxic carcinogens. So if you buy an extremely cheap candle with no brand name..avoid!

Buth Bheag Candles are easy to clean up with soap and hot water, so there's no problem if you accidentally spill the hot wax. And of course they're cruelty free!

Buth Bheag have various stockists you can check them out here, and they also recently opened their second store in Inverness Airport. Selling a wide range of candles, diffusers, candle accessories, gift sets and more. They have an online shop too so don't worry, you don't have to travel abroad to get your hands on these beauties. All candle ranges retail from £4.50-£22 and gift sets range from £11-£45.

I was sent two different candles to try this time, last time I was sent Losgaintir and Seilebost, this time I was sent a candle from their scented range called Sgarasta, the scent is so fresh and beautiful. That's the only way I can describe it, as being extremely fresh! My mom almost went to heaven when she smelt it 😄. I would definitely burn this candle in a bathroom to freshen it up whereas I would burn Losgaintir in my bedroom due to the vanilla present (my favourite smell of all time!) The next candle is from their new Christmas range called Cranberry Christmas, and my God does it smell like Christmas,
"A festive combination of cranberries, orange and cinnamon with floral back notes on a base of sandal, cedar, musk vanilla and sugar."
While taking photos of these candles I wanted to eat the Christmas one, is that weird? Maybe.. It's definitely one of my favorite scented candles from their range to date. I always have different sensations around Christmas time, for example my mother makes Christmas cakes every year and once I smell the lemon zest mixed with whiskey I know it's time for Christmas. It's the same as candles, when I first smelt this candle I could immediately associate it with Christmas, it takes talent to exactly pinpoint the perfect Christmas scent.

On their website they have a whole section based on candle care. Something nobody is ever really educated on. Did you know you should let your candle burn for three hours the first time you light it to avoid it burning unevenly? Many a time it has happened to me. I become extremely frustrated when my candles aren't evenly burnt. I know you get annoyed too I can't be the only one.. 🙊
Did you know you should cut your wick down to 1/4 of an inch after each use to ensure longer candle life. You can read all about their tips and tricks to candle care here.

Personally, I am a sucker for homemade things, that is why I agreed to work with this fabulous company, I advertise only what I believe is great and these candles have been the best I've had in a long time. Usually I would get the ones from Penneys but I never took care of them due to the fact you can get them so cheap. When I first tried these candles I used them on spacial occasions because they felt important to me, due to the fact I know so much love and care went into each and every one of these candles. I have also heard about plans for a new luxury range coming out in 2017!

Check out their Website, Instagram and Facebook you won't be disappointed!

Chat soon,
*This blogpost was done in collaboration with Buth Bheag Candle co. All views and opinions are my own*

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