Saturday 3 September 2016

Elegance: Low V-Neck

I love elegance, I always aim to buy clothes that will make me feel elegant and classy. Nothing says empowerment than a woman dressed in a classy attire. I bought this incredible Low V-neck Playsuit last year in Terracina, Italy in a small boutique called White 120. If you ever find yourself there check them out because their clothes are so cheap! I remember buying this for about €17 at the time. Ever see that amazing dress, shoes, coat in the shop window and say "this baby will be mine!", well when I saw this piece it was love at first sight.

As you can see I wore this piece recently when I took a trip to Gallipoli, I always believe in recycling outfits especially this classy and elegant piece. I believe a garment like this is timeless, and I will most definitely wear it next year when I go on holidays. It's definitely not something I could wear in Ireland with the cold!!

I paired this look with Primark sandals and my timeless leather Chanel inspired handbag I bought in a leather shop in Venice for about €40. You could also pair this outfit with some classy ankle strap heels.
I will link 4 similar pieces below:

Happy Shopping girls!

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