Thursday 15 September 2016

5 Ways To Get Your Motivation Back This Autumn.

Summer is officially over and it's back to the grind of work, college or school. I know many of you feel like it's torture and you may be extremely unmotivated to get back to things after sipping cocktails on the beach for the last few weeks. For me I like getting back into the grind of everything. I was so excited to get back to college and to start blogging from Ireland again (don't get me wrong my heart aches thinking I'm back from Italy) I just knew from day one, this year will be my year! I must admit getting my head around college the first week was a lot but I've finally caught up and I'm ready for the whole year. Today I am sharing my top 5 tips to get your motivation back this Autumn.

1. Set Goals! Getting back to into the grind can be very difficult if you are not striving for something whether it's aiming to pass an exam or aiming to grow your business this year. Setting goals is necessary. Imagine yourself in 5 years time, where would you like to see yourself? And what would have liked to have done in that time period? I have a goals list and I always love adding to it, every time I add to the list I get more motivated to complete the tasks, especially ticking them off, it's the biggest satisfaction!

2. Treat Yourself! It's hard to stay motivated if you are not rewarding yourself for small and big accomplishments, I believe if you know you will be rewarded with a spa day, chocolate at the weekend or dinner with the girls you are more likely to be more productive during the week. Always have something to look forward to, this way working won't seem too bad.

3. De-Clutter! One thing I hate the most is clutter. I cannot study or work in a toxic environment, I have to have a clear space accompanied by a cup of green tea. If my mind is clear I can focus and be more productive. So make sure your work area is clutter free and tidy, even decorate it to your personality to make you relaxed.

4. Get a Journal! Organisation!!! As I just spoke about clutter and being tidy, organisation goes hand in hand with it. I suggest getting a journal, or 2! I have two journals, one for my daily life and the other to brainstorm Blog ideas. I have to write every inch of my life in these so I feel on top of things. If I don't write something, I will be very stressed and feel behind. My journal keeps me very motivated because I can see all of the progress I have made and all the amazing things I have planned to do. It really makes you feel empowered!

5. Why. This is a great word. Why are you doing what you're doing? Why keep going? Why do you want this? Always ask yourself these questions when you are feeling unmotivated. You will see the big picture and know it's all worth it. Trust me everyone even the big guys get unmotivated but thinking about the word "WHY" helps them all keep going. Anything is possible.

Let's all get that motivation back and get stuck in!


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