Wednesday 25 May 2016

May Product Review.

Hey girlies! 

Just like last month I decided to continue with a monthly product review because I saw a lot of you loved it (Thank youuu)!

This month I am reviewing products from Buth Bheag Candle Co.L'OréalBeauty Deli and Bottega Verde. I have been trying these products out for a while now and I want to share my thoughts with you. You can shop all these products below.

First off, I recently bought the L'Oréal Ectraordinary Oil only because it was on sale. But as I add links here for you to buy it, I see it's very expensive in Ireland compared to italy. I bought this for €12 with  the original price €16. In Ireland it's €30!? Madness! With that price I wouldn't praise this oil. I use it every night before my moisturiser. It's a dry oil with 8 essential oils: Lavender, Marjoram, Rosemary, Geranium, Rose, Roman Chamomile, Orange Peel and Lavandin. Every morning after I wake up I do notice my skin is extra hydrated and bright. At the beginning I didn't know how I would add this to my night time routine but now I can't go to sleep without putting it on. My skin feels too dry with just a normal moisturiser now. Thumbs up for me, but ridiculous pricing in Ireland.
Second we have the Flawless Foundation Brush, I was sent this amazing brush from The Beauty Deli. After seeing Marissa Carter using it on her Snapchat I wanted to get my hands on it. It's revolutionary in the way foundation and concealer will be applied in the future. I believe it's better than every foundation brush I've used so far. I was left with no streaks at all and it's so easy to get around your nose and eyes with this brush. It's also fun to use! I think it's a steal at only €10. As you can tell from the picture my brush has been used quite a few times so I need to clean my makeup brushes *cry*.
Next up is these fabulous candles from Buth Bheag Candle co. I was also sent these candles a few months ago, to try out. My favourite of these is the smaller one on the left called, Losgaintir. These candles are made with 100% Soy wax so these candles are biodegradable meaning they're eco-friendly! The candles are made in The Isle of Harris just off the coast of Scotland. One thing I search for in a good product is authenticity, care and presentation, in which these candles have! 
Last but not least are these two products from Bottega Verde. I picked up this Glycolic Acid Mask (left)  in store over a month ago because I heard great things about Glycolic acid. It's incredible, it's a peel off mask too so it's fun taking it off! It's a great product to help get rid of dead skin cells and renewing the skin. I have seen a change in the brightness of my skin since starting this mask. I use this as directed, once or twice a week. It has also warned not to sunbathe whilst using this product so as Italy is entering summer I always wear a moisturiser with built in SPF.
The second product came with the glycolic acid mask. It's the black vanilla body moisturiser. Since waxing in Italy is extremely cheap (€8) I have been getting my legs waxed (Ireland you should be ashamed of your outrageous prices!) so my skin has been getting very dry. I always put this cream on after my showers and I love it, especially the smell as vanilla is my all time favourite scent! 

I was not paid to promote any of these products, these are my genuine opinions. I was sent some of these products to try and others I bought with my own money.


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