Sunday 8 May 2016

Lauryn Rose: Think of Me Collection

When Lauryn Rose Jewellery contacted me to work with them on their "Think of Me" Collection I was absolutely delighted and for two reasons; one, because their jewellery is to die for and two, because 10% of their profits from the Collection goes to the LauraLynn Children's Hospice. 
I've added some photos from one of their photo-shoots of some of their pieces and also the pieces I was given. 


The idea behind the "Think of Me" Collection is brilliant. I study psychology so I can understand completely the concept. Basically, these beautiful pieces remind us of our children/loved ones, 
"the thinking behind the charm is that there is increased emphasis being placed on the powerful effect of using antecedent stimuli to effect behaviour".
  What is antecedent stimuli? An Antecedent is a stimulus that causes somebody/something to preform a learned behaviour that will make sure the organism reduces punishing consequences. Originally this collection was inspired by a near fatal car crash. So taking a glimpse of the charms can automatically trigger the brain to slow the car down.

A great thing about ordering online is that there is next day delivery so last minute gifts are not a hassle. And what's even better? Their pieces are made from Italian leather!
When I got my pieces I was blown away by the amazing packaging, they even included rose petals inside! Girls, I literally died from how fab it was, I'm a sucker for great packaging.

Check Lauryn Rose here.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to write this post, all views and opinions are my own. Lauryn Rose sent me their pieces for free to write a review.


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