Sunday 17 April 2016


Hello lovelies,

Last Saturday I attended the LemonB shop and drink event in Milan. First I have to compliment the fab set up they had of all their pieces! Their Kendall and Kylie Collection pieces stood out the most to me as well as the amazing brand Wikini, BIKINIS IN A JAR! I know right? Who would ever think of that? Well it works and they're super cute, I even bought myself one.

LemonB are filled with great brands such as Pop.see.cul, AMATØR, Bondi Born, Double Agent, Fridays ProjectSchöneberg, Wikini, Kendall + Kylie, By Boe, Clp Collection and more.

I really suggest in checking them out if you're searching for minimal and great quality clothing!

Shop their pieces here.


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  1. Love this blog post Ciara- amazing images and just enough text to tell me what I want to know. The images are beautiful! Really enjoyed it! xx


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