Sunday 3 April 2016

Easter in Orvieto

Hello my dear.

Today I am bringing you to a beautiful city in the Italian region of Umbria. I never in my life heard of the city Orvieto, and my God was I missing out. I went on Easter Sunday with Davide's family. We also visited two other cities for a small while called Otricoli and Amelia (Also in the region of Umbria) but I never managed to snap some pictures. If you followed my Snapchats then you know what I'm talking about (CiaraSwalsh).

Anyways back to Orvieto.. This city is outstanding! On the top of a hill from where the views are breathtaking. What really took my breath away was the Duomo di Orvieto. As you can see from my pictures it's genuinely colossal! The detail put into this Gothic Duomo is incredible. We had a look inside too and we were just in time for the Easter Sunday Mass where the choir sang in Latin. It was really cool.

Chat soon my loves,



  1. Lovely photos! Makes me want to go back to Italy!
    Jennifer x

  2. Photos so interesting. Makes me want to vist there sooooooon!


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