Friday 8 April 2016

April Product Review.

Hello girlies!

A while ago on my Instagram (@CiaraSwalsh) I posted a photo of some products I recently bought and I wanted to try them out for you all. Those of which were: Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil Free Body Moisturiser, Phytorelax Coconut Hair Oil and Garnier Micellar Water.

Recently I also received some products from The Hippy Bee Collection to test over 2 weeks ago so I decided to put my Instagram and Facebook (@CiaraSwalsh) review here with my products review list! 

I will start with the Phytorelax Coconut Hair Oil, I was not impressed at all with this product. I used this oil a lot of different ways as the first few times didn't go well. I always use hair oils after my shower and after following the instructions on the bottle my hair turned out looking greasy and dirty, so I presumed I used too much. The next time I used a smaller amount and the same thing happened again. So I presumed I should use it on dry hair, I did and again my hair looked greasy again and I just use it on the ends of my hair. This product says to use it from root to tip! No way! Lastly I used it as a leave in conditioner before showering and my hair has become a bit more soft but even after my shower the oil stayed very much in my hair, so it's a little hard to wash out. I was very disappointed.

Next is the Micellar Water, I have used a full bottle within the last 6 weeks of purchasing it, I only use this to help take off my make-up and it's absolutely great for that. I suggest not using it as a cleanser as I don't believe in it serving that function. I like to begin with the Micellar Water then using a cleanser, I love to use oils to help my skin, I would suggest the MooGoo Oil to clean my skin more. It's a little pricey but at least I know that I'm not putting harsh chemicals on my skin. I would recommend the Micellar Water only as a great make-up remover.

Thirdly, I will speak about the Cocoa Brown Body Moisturiser, I'm not one for using a lot of tan, but when I heard Cocoa Brown had a developing moisturiser I thought I had to get it. What's better than having a subtle sun kissed tan AND having soft moisturised skin? If you are like me and prefer to use the developing moisturiser I suggest to start it 3 days before  you have to go to a social event (depending on how dark you want it) In the shower don't scrub it as it will come off so be gentle and as for drying just pat your skin dry, when your out of the shower apply again. Another thing I love about this product is that it's not sticky and it dries within minutes so you can get dressed easily. I've used the Dove developing moisturiser before and I loved it, but I'm now converted to Cocoa Brown because I would feel a little sticky after the Dove one! Due to the moisturiser being Oil Free it's also possible to apply it to the face without getting your pores clogged. If only I could buy these products in Italy but I know it would look fab with the Golden Goddess Oil!

Taken from my Instagram and Facebook Review.

"As you may have seen on my Snapchat (CiaraSwalsh) a few weeks ago, I received these products from the @thehippybeecollection to try out. The Coco Hair Elixir and their Lip Balm. I gave it 2 weeks to test so I could see better results and I love it! My hair naturally is very bushy and with having my hair dyed blonde a couple of times the ends are completely dead! I used this Hair Elixir now 5 times and I love it! I put it in over night to get a deep treatment as my hair needs it and for about 3 days after my hair is left feeling so smooth, healthy and silky. A HUGE thumbs up for me. 
The lip balm is also a winner. The sensation my lips feel when I put it on is incredible. Imagine putting a mint in your mouth and you get the cold minty feeling, now imagine that if it were on your lips! It really hydrates my lips compared to other lip balms I use.  
The best thing I love about the @thehippybeecollection products is that they're 100% organic so I know I'm not putting bad chemicals in my hair/skin/lips etc. Definitely have a look at their website. The prices are amazing and the packages are so cute! I know they also do coconut oil which you can also use for your skin. 😍 
Note: the hair oil I was given is a tester the real product is a lot bigger "
I would definitely recommend this oil over the Phytorelax Hair Oil!

Check back soon for more product reviews :*


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