Friday 31 January 2020

Morning Beauty Routine

Our beauty routine is something I believe becomes more important as we grow. I remember when I was younger I had a shocking beauty routine that I wish, looking back, I would have known to take better care of my skin!

I used to have very bad acne when I was younger, I used to be so self conscious of my skin but I feel a lot more confident with it now. Why? Because I started looking after it!

I haven't discussed my morning skincare and makeup routine here for a long time and I feel I need to update that for you all now. These products all work for me and I use them religiously!

Morning Skincare Routine

For as long as I can remember, I've had oily skin but over the years I've really managed to control it. I know that's down to the steps I do everyday. However, I'll get into my acne journey in a more detailed post down the line.


When I wake up in the morning I usually just splash my face with warm water or I use a warm wet cloth to gently clean my skin. I tend not to use a cleanser in the morning, just when I'm going to bed. I always use my MooGoo Cleansing Oil with a warm cloth.


Next, I move onto the newest addition to the CiaraSwalsh skincare family, my The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid, I've heard so much about Hyaluronic acid for years now and when I heard The Ordinary did a very inexpensive one I bought one. When I was home for Christmas, I bought two more bottles to bring over with me. This has changed my skincare game for the better, my skin is so much more hydrated, bright, and less tired looking. My skin just feels better with it on.


Finally, I move onto my ride or die moisturiser, my MooGoo Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser. I've been using this moisturiser for about five years now and I've honestly never looked back. I would be lost without it!! I apply it morning and night.

Simple, Everyday Makeup Look

Having enough time in the morning is something we never really have, I for one, never have enough time in the morning, so I always do simple makeup. However, saying that, I still want to look my best! This is my “go to” simple and natural everyday makeup look which makes me look put-together while only taking me less than 10 minutes! 


I use the Rimmel London Lasting Finish foundation in their lightest shade (I'm so pale, help me). I like this foundation as it actually does last ages. I work very long hours and it stays on all day. It's also super cheap so it's perfect.


I treated myself over the Christmas by buying myself the famous Laura Mercier translucent powder. This is quite expensive for a translucent powder but I know why people rave about it. It's like real life airbrush for your skin!


I love a good bronzer as I am very pale. I have to contour everyday, if I don't, I feel like my face is the shape of an egg! This Misslyn mini contour powder is perfect and it's very cheap too!


I got this Benefit blush two Christmasses ago and it hasn't even hit pan yet! It's the mini version (which I believe is a lot so don't go buying the bigger version if you don't want to spend more money.) I love how subtle this blush is and how buildable it.


I got this eyeshadow as a tester from Laura Mercier when I bought the translucent powder and I have fallen in love. It's like putting real gold on my eyelids. 


My brows are my babies. I rarely get them done as I maintain them myself. I ran out of the pencils I would usually use and I decided to treat myself to a new pencil at Christmas. This YSL brow pencil cost about €26 in Brown Thomas and for designer I think it's quite a reasonable price.


This was a Christmas present, you know I had never heard of this brand before? Collistar is an Italian beauty brand, I would love to try more of their products as this mascara is amazing.


I've had this Urban Decay lipstick about two years now, one of my closest friends bought it for me and it's been my favourite lipstick ever since. I use the colour 'Backseat'. I'm coming to the end of the stick, so when it runs out, I too will be running to buy another!


My hair is something I really pride, I've had long hair for as long as I can remember and taming it can be a struggle. I've had countless hairbrushes which pulled the hair out of my head because of the knots. But Nancy, the owner of Bell Hair in Galway, Ireland, got in contact with me many months ago to try out their new Belle Brush. So of course I said yes as I really needed something to be kinder to my hair. I've been using it ever since, it's so gentle on my hair and I get such a smooth brushing from it. I would highly recommend buying it if you have knotty hair like me or if you have extensions (as they're also designed for extensions)!

Final Look:

And who said girls take hours to get ready? Be sure to subscribe out my YouTube Channel as my video for this look will be up on Sunday.


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