Friday 8 February 2019

Places To Eat In NYC

I'm back from busy NYC, with some vital information for you all. Where can you get a cup of coffee? Where can you get some decent food? Well I am here to help you out. Here are all the places we went to over our 4 days in the Big Apple.


Address: 711 5th Avenue inside the Ralph Lauren Store.
Let's begin with the interiors, am AMAZING!? I was blown away with how fabulous it was in there. To be honest before I went in I thought coffee would cost an arm and a leg but I was pleasantly surprised when they charged me around $15 for a coffee, a hot chocolate and a cookie. My mom who is literally a coffee connoisseur really loved her coffee. My hot chocolate (pictured) was quite rich but great for a cold day. The cookie was actually massive, me and mom had to share it, but we loved it.


Address:182 2nd Avenue.
We ate here on our first night and I genuinely believe we died and went to the food god heaven. Cacio e Pepe is a typical Italian dish, so that was their speciality (which is what I got of course). They prepared it in the most amazing way -the traditional way. I have a clip of them preparing it in an upcoming YouTube video on my channel. The prices were on average $19-23, definitely way more than what you would pay in Italy, however the food is top class and I would pay that again. This is far from a touristic Italian restaurant, the chefs and waiters are 90% Italian. 100% recommend.


Address: 1800 broadway (near south west entrance to Central Park/ Columbus Circle).
We were recommended to come here for their coffee - I don't drink coffee but mom (as i said) knows her coffee. We found it to be a bit pricey for the portion sizes but we loved the food. I believe its more expensive to sit in and eat but there is a bakery at the front of the cafe if you prefer to get a take away and eat it in central park!


Address: 80 2nd Avenue.
Deja vu? No, this is actually the sister restaurant to Cacio e Pepe! This restaurant focuses more on Sicilian cuisine. Pictured is the gorgeous Pasta alla Norma which is from Catania (I lived in Catania for a year) a dish very special to me. It was beautiful. I made mom taste one of my favourite wines - red of course - Nero d'Avola, a beautiful Sicilian wine. If you are into your wines I would highly recommend getting that one.


Address: 1271 Avenue of the Americas (there are many all over NYC)
We only stumbled upon this place one morning when we were on the hunt for breakfast. We both got the mini pancakes, they were so good I had them gone in two minutes. The pricing was very reasonable too so I would have gone back here had we more time.


Address: 179 Broadway
This was another stumble upon. We were wrecked having walked our legs off that we went into the nearest cafe we could find. The pricing was quite good, $9 for a coffee, tea and two croissants. There were plugs everywhere too incase you needed to charge. It was just great to come here and recharge our own batteries too!


Address: Jersey Gardens Mall, New Jersey.
One of our days in NYC was forecast to pour from the heavens all day so we went out to a mall in NJ. We ate at a fast food diner and I finally got some famous tater tots. This wouldn't be something I would normally go for but when you need something quick and easy that will fill you for the day this was pretty cool to go to and the pricing wasn't that bad!


Address: 200 5th Avenue beside Flat Iron
On our last night we went to Eataly beside Flat Iron, we didn't realise that there were different areas to Eataly so go to the pizza and pasta section (carbs carbs carbssss). I'm a huge lover of Eataly, there are so many all over the world. I was first introduced to it in Bologna, Italy, when I lived there. You can eat there and buy Italian produce imported from Italy. Even if you don't eat here I would definitely recommend coming here buying good quality pasta, or my favourite, Italian biscuits!

I definitely found it very difficult to find good restaurants/breakfast places in NYC. There were many touristic or over-priced places. The ones that knocked it out of the park for me? Cacio e Pepe and Cacio e Vino.



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