Sunday 30 December 2018

2019 Goals

For the past few years I've written down the goals I wish to achieve for the upcoming year ahead. Realistically I wouldn't get them all done but to achieve at least one thing on the list means something to me.

Looking back on my other goal lists I can see I have achieved more than one thing and it's a great feeling to cross it off the list! This year I'll split up my goals into various categories like I did for my 2017 goals.

As you all know I'm a sucker for travel I aim to visit a few more cities this year, the list is shorter this year rather than others but I am really going to try see these places!

- Boston, MA.
- NYC.
- Paris.
- Edinburgh
- Rome
- Move abroad again - Location to be decided.

Personal Life:
Being so connected to the online world, I have definitely neglected myself a lot, in terms of me time. This upcoming year I want to focus on my mental and physical well being more as well as personal accomplishments.

- Finish driving lessons (I'm half way done).
- Book driving test.
- PASS driving test.
- Save money.
- Read more.
- Go outdoors more.
- Take better care of my hair (yes, I know, but I want to use more expensive/better products to keep it healthy).
- Reduce my plastic usage
- Introduce more vegan options into my diet (anything I can do for the planet I'll do- note: I'm not a vegan but I believe making changes can really help our environment).

If you are a new reader, you won't know that the academic year of 2017/2018, I was an English teacher in a secondary school in Sicily and that year made me realise that I want to pursue teaching English as a foreign language.

-Complete CELTA course (I already have TEFL but I want to have more credentials).
-Apply for more teaching jobs (country to  be decided).
-Get a great teaching job (country to be decided).

Blog/ YouTube:
My dream is to do blogging full time. I know in my previous heading I said teaching English as a foreign language is what I want to do, but realistically I would choose blogging any day as I love it so much and I've put so much into it over the past few years. However as it's so new, nobody knows where it could go so I always believe in having a backup career option - teaching.

-Invest in a new laptop
-Invest in a new camera
-Create more video content -yes I have a YT, it's just dormant, have a look at the videos I do have here!
-Reach 6k on Instagram (yes it's small in the grand scheme of things but to me it's big, every little helps)
-Get more sponsored content to help invest in CiaraSwalsh.

Have you made a list of what you want to accomplish in 2019? Even if it's just one thing, you can work on it to help you become a better version of yourself. Here's to a blissful and successful 2019!


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