Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Do's And Don't's Of An Irish "Summer"

It's officially here, Ireland's week long summer! *crosses fingers* Time to get out and tan that pasty white skin. Or shall I say burn..

Here's some do's and don't's of how to handle an Irish "Summer".


  1. Raid Lidl for everything you need for the BBQ you'll have with the gang later.
  2. Set up camp in your back garden and "forget" your sun cream so you'll tan faster. 
  3. Sit in your room that evening lathering the aftersun on your burnt body and curse yourself for "forgetting" the sun cream. 
  4. To the beach!! (Repeat number 2 and 3)
  5. Bag of cans at Sparch.
  6. Complain about how hot it is.
  7. Blow up the swimming pool you've kept in reserve since our last Summer (which probably lasted one day).
  8. Discuss the weather with everyone you meet, make sure it's the main point of discussion.
  9. Book your week to Costa Del Sol during the heatwave at home so your friends don't get jealous. However they may make you jealous.
  10. Catch that summers day bug so you'll unfortunately miss work.


  1. Don't let anyone else have a bigger 99 than you.
  2. Don't take any unnecessary journeys.
  3. Don't leave your pets in a car/ outside.
  4. Don't forget to boomerang your dive off Blackrock.
  5. Don't be jealous you didn't catch the summer bug on time, sometimes you have to take one for the team at work.
  6. Working is better than having fun in the sun so don't be jealous.
  7. Don't end up looking like a striped marshmallow.
  8. For the boys: don't forget to walk around as if you're at home, who needs tops when you're in public anyways?
  9. Don't avoid your mammy, you must help her as there's great dryin' out!
  10. Don't walk out of Penney's without your bikinis girls!

Now you're all sorted, so get out there and enjoy the sun as it won't last!

*Disclaimer: This post is not a serious post, do not take anything I have written seriously*



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