Friday 1 December 2017

#ScoliosisStories: Hannah Bury

Hannah Bury is the next amazing scoliosis warrior to be featured on my #ScoliosisStories series, Hannah has had two surgeries to date for her scoliosis, the latter being very recent so she is still in the recovery period. She has told me she had a recent scare and had to go to hospital for fear of infections. However now she is doing well. 
Hannah is also an actress, she recently starred in an amazing music video, which I've linked below because it's just incredible! Hannah is definitely a humble girl as even when describing her feat with scoliosis she always remained positive, and we know this condition can affect the best of us mentally. She is just amazing and her story will explain why.

"Hi, my name is Hannah Bury, I am 25 years old and an Actress from Essex. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was 16, but it was not until I was twenty-four that I underwent two major surgeries on my spine within 8 months of each other.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable within their own skin and for me I was comfortable for the most part. Yes, I was always somewhat conscious that one side of my ribcage stuck out more than the other, or that my spine protruded out of my lower back at a strange angle, but I never let it stop me from doing anything. I had always been somewhat of a “tom-boy” and so I wore a lot of baggy t-shirts and jumpers which hid my double curvature perfectly, but there were still times when I felt self-conscious about my body like I’m sure a lot of people do. The difference being that for most people they worry about their weight, or their dress size - things that in most cases with changes to their routine and diet they can alter, but for me and for anyone with Scoliosis we can only make changes that will affect how we manage our pain and not the way we look.

I did not make a conscious decision to have the surgery, I knew that I did not want to carry on in the pain that I was in and that it was realistically my only option. My surgeon decided to use an anterior approach (to remove a rib and deflate my lung so that that he could get to my spine through the side of my body) and hoped that by fusing a small metal rod to my lower curve that it would force my upper curve to straighten. Once I was able to stand again, I knew instantly that it looked worse than it had ever looked before. After six months of torture in a solid brace (that in my case did not fit correctly and therefore I knew was doing absolutely nothing!) I was given the go ahead to have a second surgery. I cannot explain how happy I was when I was told that I was able to have a second surgery, I did not feel worried this time around, or scared, but excited at the thought of finally having the straight spine that I had dreamed of for years. My surgeon decided this time to do the procedure posteriorly (he made the incision down my back from my neck to just above my bum) and fused a further two rods to my spine. The following week was every bit as hard as it was the first time around, with the exception of not having to have the chest drain (something that I was particularly thankful for!). When I finally got to see my x-ray before going home I was absolutely over the moon; my spine was straighter than I had ever imagined it could be!

I now have sixteen screws, four hooks, three titanium rods, three scars and a cage in my body. I have one less rib and four less discs than I had previously and since having the two surgeries I am now two inches taller. I have learned a lot about myself over the past eight months; like how strong, determined and positive I can be even when it all gets a bit tough. I am still recovering from my second surgery (that I had on the 26th of September 2017) and I still have a long road ahead. Whilst this year has been easily the most challenging of my life so far, I am looking forward to the future, and to getting my life and career back on track."

Here Hannah starred in an amazing music video by The Souls, the song is called "Cry", it has over 26,000 views! Watch Below:

Thank you so much for starring in this months #ScoliosisStories Hannah, you are truly an inspiration and a ray of sunshine. Sending you warm hugs and I'm thinking of you in your time of recovery.

Check out Hannah's Facebook and Instagram.


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