Wednesday 25 October 2017

Favourite Products of 2017

Hello hello hello, It's been a while since I did a beauty post. This year I've tried some products and I've just fell in love with a select few that I just had to share with you. Some, you will already know of, if you follow my social media platforms: Instagram and Snapchat (CiaraSwalsh).

Some of these products I've been using for years and some I've only discovered this year. I've repurchased some of these many times so I couldn't not dedicate a post to them.

This isnt't the first time that I rave about this brand. Moogoo has been in my family for about 9 years at this stage. I remember my mother always telling me to take off my makeup well with their oil cleanser, something I have featured today. I honestly cannot fault it. It takes off makeup so well including eye makeup! It will remove the biggest stains lipsticks could leave and it leaves your skin always feeling clean. I massage the oil into my skin and with a warm damp cloth I wipe it all off, I then rinse the cloth under warm water and repeat.
I follow this process by using the Moogoo Rosehip oil, be careful not to use too much oil, one pump is plenty!
Lastly I use the one product I was introduced to this year and I have repurchased it about 3 times since, it's the Moogoo Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser, this moisturiser is free from oils so is perfect for anyone with acne prone skin. I 100% believe this product has saved my skin, (that and the pill). I ran out of this moisturiser a few months ago and within a week of not using it I got about 7 spots. I repurchased it again and immediately they went. MAGIC CREAM!

The next two products, I've been using for over a year. I got the Easilocks Rose Gold Hair Oil at an event I went to over a year ago and I haven't stopped using it since. It says to put one pump in your hair (wet or dry) but I use about 3 because my hair is so long. I can vouch that this product kept my crazy long hair in such good condition as it's also a heat protector. It smells so amazing too that when I recently tried a new hair oil I just couldn't come to terms with changing that I'm back with my one love again.
The next product is actually this Wet Hair Brush, this brush is designed not to break your hair when it's wet. I know it's strange to say but it's so easy to brush my hair with this brush, I've also switched up a few different hair brushes this past year and nothing compared to this brush. I actually have this brush two years now, talk about commitment for a brush! 😂

Last but not least are some of my NYX babies. I love NYX, it's probably one of my favourite makeup brands out there. Unlike the other few products these are fairly new but I have already fallen in love.
I'll start with the NYX Wonder Stick which is a contour and highlight stick. I got the deep dark shade and to be honest I actually prefer it as I can contour with both sides. I like to use my own concealers for the highlight part. I love this because it's like a dupe for the KKW contour and highlight sticks but at a fraction of the price. It's so easily bendable too which is a must.
Next is the NYX Contour and Highlight Pro Pallet. The amazing thing about this pallet is that the shades are refillable! So if you run out you can buy separate shades! I always use this in conjunction with the contour stick.
I have two other products in the above photo which I cannot fault wither, the NYX Cream Lippies are amazing, I got a recent one a few days ago called Rome and so far that's my favourite.

Overall these products are my favourite products of 2017 (so far) I had to shine light on them as I personally cannot live without them. However, if I find some products within the next two months I will update you!

I have linked everything mentioned in this post. 


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