Sunday 13 August 2017

Comparison Is Your Worst Enemy.

Ever find yourself on a specific persons Instagram feed too much? Ever ask yourself, why can'y I look like that,? Why can't I have her clothes? Why can't I have her sense of style? Why does my Instagram look terrible? I hate my body, I wish I had her body, I wish I could afford her stuff.. etc. The list of complaints and comparisons is endless.

Recently I've gotten myself caught in the trap of comparison. I've gotten by two whole years without comparing myself or my blog to other people and their blogs. I never knew it would dawn on me but it sure has!

Comparison really is your worst enemy. It makes you look extremely negative to yourself, like your not good enough, you're not skinny enough, you're not pretty enough, you're not strong enough etc.

For me, it began by looking at some Instagram photos of girls with amazing fashion, initially I was fine, and loving their style. But I found myself checking their Instagram and blogs a lot more wondering why I couldn't have their clothes, pose like them, 'get away with' that look etc. I then started comparing my Instagram feed/theme with theirs and started picking out flaws in how mine looked and how amazing theirs is. It really brought me down and I started questioning if I 'lost' it. My blogging flare was gone and writers block hit hard. The Ciara with 1 million blog ideas was then lost for words.

I guess having a multi genre blog can result in giving half-assed efforts on each section. Sometimes I want to focus solely on fashion, sometimes only on travel and sometimes I wonder should I only talk about my scoliosis. But then I take a step back and analyse why I started in the first place. I had to make myself realise that I was blogging for the love of it and not for what others' thought of me. I had become obsessed with what others thought of me, my style, my photos etc. But in reality it was Me who became obsessed with how I looked. I know you didn't.

If I really looked at how my blog has grown I should have been so proud of myself. I'm not the type of person to buy followers for fame, I believe in building my following organically, to prove to myself that I am capable of doing it. I need to stop comparing and start appreciating. So if you ever find yourself in the trap of comparison remember to be yourself and you'll go far. 💜

 Top (VILA) and Jeans (Pieces) : Willow | Boots: ASOS

On a lighter note, how stunning is this top? Before it came into the shop I saw it posted on Willow's Instagram Stories and I said I HAD to get it. The following day it came, and I bought it. I wore it immediately and they sold out within two days. Ever since when I wear it in store customers constantly ask me where it is and I have to say it's sold out. It really is a gem! Below I've one similar linked. I paired it with these white jean's also from willow, I've a few pairs of these in different colours as they're so comfortable. I also purchased new boots because sadly if you saw my Rome Vlog, you'll know the sole ripped off mine. I got these on sale from ASOS and I have the exact pair and similar pairs linked below.

Shop this look and similar pieces below:

Photos: Michelle Walsh
*This post contains some affiliate links, and do not cost you any extra money to shop through.*

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