Tuesday 22 August 2017

Blogging - There is More to it Than What Meets the Eye.

Pretty pictures, press trips, free things... bloggers have it easy... Well, what if I say no, not really. You may log onto your Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat to see yet another perfectly posed photo of a blogger you follow, or a haul where one blogger got a tonne of ‘free stuff’ or another off on her holidays for the 12th time this year.
Yes of course you would assume that we have it easy, and they really are some perks of being a blogger, but in reality it does come at a price. I’ve been blogging for over two years now, and only now am I beginning to get some form of recognition. I don’t get many ‘free things’, I’ve never been on a press trip and in terms of photos being ‘perfectly staged/posed’ well that’s a whole other topic.

I love blogging, but like the title in this post, there is more than what meets the eye. I work on CiaraSwalsh 24/7, there’s never a moment when I’m not thinking of new ways to make my content more pleasing to you all. This may be through better photo quality, more outfit posts, more travel posts, more lifestyle advice posts etc. 90% of the content I provide to you comes from my own pocket, whether that be buying new clothes for my outfit posts, or jetting off somewhere to upkeep my travel section. Bloggers invest nearly every cent they make into their blog to continue to provide good quality content for their readers. 

Something to note, although you may see some professional photos of my outfits, that’s only 5% of the work I really put into CiaraSwalsh, my role at CiaraSwalsh is to be the manager, the photographer (most of the time), the lights technician, the photo editor, the video editor, the content creator, the person who analyses analytics, who maintains the website, the list is actually endless. I do the job of many people. The photos you see on my Instagram aren’t half of what CiaraSwalsh is. But sure how were you to know? I don’t blame you for not knowing because you haven't had first hand experience yourself. But hearing statements that blogging isn’t a job makes me want to tell you all what we really do.

I have only ever had one sponsored post and my god I was not paid a lot. I definitely underestimated my value, but at least I know for the next time should an opportunity arise. So yes that’s correct, I don’t (currently) make money off CiaraSwalsh, however I am striving to as I believe you should make your passion your job and creating content for you all is when I am at my happiest. I know, now I'm hearing, "but you use affiliate links!", well, as of yet I have never reached the threshold of payment yet as I only earn a couple of cent with those links. 馃槀

I’ve learned so much in the past two years about the blogging industry, I know how much bloggers charge for sponsored posts, I know all about paying taxes as a blogger and yes that ‘free stuff’ we get have to be declared to revenue (including press trips) if we decide to promote them on our social media/blogs. So is it really free? I know I have what it takes to achieve my goal of making a living off CiaraSwalsh. If (When) I do I can then produce even better content for you all –which really excites me.

One thing I really love about the blogging industry –and I know I’ve said it a million times- is the people you meet through it. Last week, Cl贸da, Michelle, Sh贸na and I said we would head to Dublin for a much needed catch up. I consider these girls’ real friends, like-minded people who understand why you need that perfect shot, understand struggles you may be having, who are there for you for a pep talk etc. So when we met we decided to change things up a bit and shoot some looks together. Cl贸da and I ended up matching in our trusty gingham –can’t go wrong with having gingham in the wardrobe- so we shot this look. 

Dress: Similar (HERE) | Jacket: Similar (HERE) | Boots: HERE.

Blogging may look like roses on the outside but I’m at my desk every day researching, editing, writing, creating etc. It’s the behind the scenes that runs this blog. One day I will get that press trip and I will be so bloody chuffed because I’ll know that I’d have worked my ass off for it. I absolutely loved shooting with Cl贸da, we couldn't stop laughing the whole way through this shoot. So thank you girl for doing this with me! 馃挏

Photos by Michelle and Sh贸na

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