Tuesday 22 November 2016

November Product Review

This month’s product review is all positive. YAY.
So let us get started!

Ok I have to start first with the best, Lindy Tsang is one of my biggest inspirations and my only 'hero' shall we say, I've been following her on YouTube for about 9 years so I have seen every inch of her life at this stage so when I saw she was releasing her first Eyeshadow Palette I knew I had to get it. It's called ‘Be’ By Bubzbeauty, I love the meaning of this palette so much as every colour has it's own name, for example "happy, inspired, able.. etc." And the moral of the palette is to "Be..happy, be...inspired" etc. Be whatever you want to be! It's such a positive palette and everytime I put on my makeup I get that positivity!. I got it on BH Cosmetics for $12.50 (so about €11.70) the colours are so pigmented and so cheap! I highly recommend. I will go through some swatches on my Snapchat so keep an eye out @CiaraSwalsh. (It's cruelty free for those who are wondering).

Next are some new NYX products, their matte lipstick in Butter (no. 159), mega shine lip-gloss in smokey look (no. 21) and the wonder pencil in medium (no. 2). 
Starting with the matte lipstick in Butter, I have to say its a gorgeous colour. I already have some NYX products so I already knew how good these products are. I wasn't let down! This lippie is the nude l have been searching for months. It's so hard to find the perfect nude for your skin colour and especially mine because I'm so pale. The fact it's matte I thought it would be drying on my lips like my other matte lipsticks but this is not drying at all, it just gives the look of matte, in fact it's quite creamy!
Moving onto the mega shine lip gloss in smokey look, I never wear lip-gloss, never, so I was quite hesitant (I just hate when my hair get's stuck to it) but after trying it for a day's shopping around Dublin I found it to be great and very comfortable on my lips, I wore it with the matte lipstick and they went very well together, I was very surprised by this product and I have to give it a huge thumbs up!
Last of the NYX products is the wonder pencil. This pencil is a multi propose liner. It is a concealer, eye brightener and reverse lip liner, what more could you want! I never knew something like this existed until I received it. I found it to be great for brightening up my eyes instead of black eyeliner, and I used it to neaten up around my brows after doing them. 😍

If you catch up with me on my Instagram, you will know I attended an Easilocks event in Dublin last month. In my goodie-bag, there was one of their new products. The new Heat Protector Rose Gold Oil. Now let me tell you this hair oil is possibly the most beautiful smelling hair oil I have ever smelt in my life. I cannot even describe the smell but I wish you all could smell it. I use it every time I come out of the shower because even though it is a heat protecting oil it also nourishes my hair leaving it soft and healthy. This oil is by far much better then the John Frieda one I used to use; and look at how luxurious the packaging is! It has several natural oils that deeply penetrate the hair to keep it healthy and to repair the hair of any damage; it can also be used on hair extensions! It retails at €27.99

Last but not least, is this new shower gel I was sent to test by Roger & Gallet. I had seen this product advertised around social media for the last few months so I was wondering what all the hype was about. This shower gel is very different to one’s I have used in the past. There are no sulphates, no parabens, no artificial colouring and no soap. It is for all skin types and of plant origin. I was happy to test a product knowing it was not damaging to my skin. I think my boyfriend used about half of the bottle when he was over and I the other half. This product is enriched with aloe Vera so it soothes the skin. Thumbs up for me! It retails at about €9.90 (depending on the pharmacy).

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